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Vladislav Deshkovich accused of stabbing his mother to death in Brooklyn home



NEW YORK — A Brooklyn man is accused of stabbing his mom to death.

Vladislav Deshkovich is currently facing murder charges.

“What made him do this to his own mother?” neighbor Margaret Dumas said.

Police say the 30-year-old stabbed his mother, 52-year-old Inna Deshkovich, multiple times in the neck Friday evening.

“Speaking to some of the neighbors, they said they heard her screaming,” neighbor Mitchell Jakuboski said.

Jakuboski, who has known the victim for at least a half dozen years, says one of his neighbors went to check on her.


“She came up and knocked on the door. The son answered the door and he said, ‘oh, I hit my mother in the head. I gotta take her to the hospital,’ and he shut the door,” Jakuboski said.

NYPD investigators brought bags of evidence from the apartment Friday night.

“We saw the ambulance, we saw the police car and we saw the fire truck, and we saw the lights on,” neighbor Tom Antoniello said.

It’s not clear where police found Deshkovich, but he was taken into custody Friday night and, by Saturday morning, charged with murder.

“There’s no need for her to get killed like that. It’s sad,” Dumas said.

“I’m shocked that this happened. She was such a sweet lady … I’m gonna miss her. I really am,” Jakuboski said.

The suspect had an affinity for politics and apparently wanted to run for office, according to his social media. Pictures show him posing with locally elected leaders.


Neighbors remember the victim as quiet, but nice, saying she was working towards a dream.

“She was a doctor in Belarus or Russia, and she was trying to get her license here. She went to work every day,” Jakuboski said.

Neighbors on the normally quiet block are still reeling. Most people there know each other but say they were not familiar with the victim’s son, who lives a short drive away.

He is expected to be arraigned in Kings County Criminal Court on Saturday night.


Source: CBS


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