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War in Ukraine: Russian rapper commits suicide



To avoid having to go to the front |

Russian rapper commits suicide

Deadly desperation after Putin’s partial mobilization. To avoid being drafted, Russian rapper Ivan Petunin committed suicide.

Petunin jumped from the 10th floor of a high-rise building in his hometown of Krasnodar in southern Russia, not far from the border with Georgia. This is reported by the Russian site “ star hit“.

The 27-year-old, who called himself Walkie T as a rapper, left a farewell video on his Telegram channel.

It says: “If you see the video, I’m no longer alive. I cannot burden my soul with the sin of murder. I’m not ready to fight for any ideals.”


A little later, Petunin’s farewell letter to his girlfriend Elya appeared on the Internet.

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“Dear cat, there was no way out… I did everything to make you as happy as possible. But the dark time has come. And I hope you get through this. Always remember that I love you. keep the memory of me A man has only one name and I will not stain it. I want people to remember that I lived by my conscience and died for my principles.”

Krasnodar police have confirmed the death but have declined to provide further details. Walkie T started making music as a teenager. His videos had up to six million views.


► Since Despot Vladimir Putin (69) proclaimed his partial mobilization, thousands of men have fled the country, burned authorities in which their names are listed, and one even set himself on fire.

And while yesterday the dictator celebrated the illegal annexation of four occupied Ukrainian territories with great fanfare, today, just a day later, the Ukrainian army surrounded thousands of Russian soldiers near Lyman and hoisted the Ukrainian flag in the city. It is Putin’s most bitter defeat to date.

Source: Asia Times

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