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WATCH: Irate Customer Trashes NJ Liquor Store, Causes Thousands in Damage



A man trashed a liquor store in New Jersey after learning he didn’t have enough money to make his purchase, chucking bottles at a clerk and threatening to kill an employee before running out of the store, authorities say.

Much of the late November chaos at Beno’s Liquor store on Linden’s North Wood Avenue was caught on camera (above). According to police, the man tried to buy a small bottle of liquor but didn’t have enough cash.

When the employee refused to sell him the bottle at a discount, the man allegedly became enraged and threatened to kill the worker, according to police. He threw several large bottles of red wine at the employee, causing $3,000 in damage before grabbing a clear plastic container of small liquor bottles and running off, cops say.

Police say the employee suffered injuries but they didn’t elaborate on the nature of those.

Anyone with information is asked to call 908-474-8552. Tips can also be submitted at [email protected].


Source: NBC New York

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