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Watch live: Pope Francis meets with people displaced by conflict in South Sudan



Watch live as Pope Francis visits people displaced by civil conflicts on the first full day of his visit to South Sudan.

The pontiff arrived in the capital Juba on Friday (3 February), hoping to revive a peace process aimed at ending a decade-long conflict in the country.

He has joined other religious leaders on a “pilgrimage of peace” in South Sudan, urging “steady steps towards development” after visiting the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo earlier in the week.

“You are called to renew the life of society, as pure sources of prosperity and peace so greatly needed for the sons and daughters of South Sudan,” Francis said as he appealed to leaders.

“They need fathers, not overlords. They need steady steps towards development, not constant collapses.”


According to officials, 27 people were killed in tit-for-tat violence involving cattle herders and militia fighters on the eve of the Pope’s visit.

Source: Independent

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