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Wendlers: TV show burst, mommy deal gone, what remains?



Eventful weeks for the Wendlers…

Michael Wendler (50) and his Laura (22) were about to return to the public: Wendler announced his telegram resignation, Laura got an advertising deal for baby products, a TV show was planned. But within a few weeks everything was gone. Is the couple now only left with the nude platform OnlyFans?

BILD explains the Wendler-Wende-Wochen

► It all started with Laura’s pregnancy: The couple announced in early February that they were expecting a baby. Photos showed Laura’s baby bump.

Pregnant Laura with Michael Wendler in Florida

Photo: Chris Gordon

Then Michael Wendler withdraws from Telegram. There he had regularly published confused corona conspiracy theories in recent years and advertised crisis products (e.g. detoxification cures, electricity aggregators and “The Big Book of Survival Techniques”).


He wrote to his followers: “I have decided to completely delete my Telegram channel in the next few days. There will be no more content here.”

Michael Wendler's last post on Instagram from March 12th

Michael Wendler’s last post on Instagram from March 12th

Photo: Michael Wendler/Telegram

► In mid-March you could guess why Wendler withdrew from Telegram. The Wendlers should get their own reality documentary on RTLZWEI.

In six episodes, the couple should provide insights into private life. A camera team would accompany her to the birth preparation course and baby shopping.

The Wendler rehabilitation?

► In the meantime, Laura had gotten an advertising deal. On her Instagram page, she promoted baby bath tubs from Swedish company Twistshake.

However, the company was not informed about Laura’s nude activities on the OnlyFans platform, nor about her husband’s years of slander and conspiracy theories. After a riot by numerous mothers on social media, the deal was gone.

This Insta advertisement by Laura has now been deleted

This Insta advertisement by Laura has now been deleted

Photo: lauramuellerofficial/Instagram

► And then also that: After massive headwind in the social media and the protest of many RTLZWEI celebrities the broadcaster canceled the planned docu-soap about the Wendlers in mid-Marchbefore it even started.

► Who among the RTLZWEI celebrities resisted the Wendlers the most? The reality TV heavyweights Geiss! BILD learned: They personally intervened behind the scenes! And were even willing to give up their jobs at the broadcaster if the controversial Wendler were to become their broadcaster colleague. There were allegedly several phone calls with those responsible.

After an uprising by the Geiss family, the Wendler documentary was scrapped

After an uprising by the Geiss family, the Wendler documentary was scrapped

Photo: RTLZWEI / Niklas Niessner

► When the planned documentary with Michael Wendler (50) and his pregnant wife Laura (22) was announced, the couple slept in Florida. Wendler was informed of this by email and by BILD.

“What have I done so badly?” Michael Wendler asked in a jammer post. “Why am I being denied rehabilitation?” And further: “I can’t believe that there are so many hateful informers in Germany.”

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► Wendler had to suffer another defeat on Malle: Actually, he was supposed to make his big comeback in the “Stadl” on April 30th at the Ballermann. puff cake! Concert cancellation!

The problem: The Wendler frightened the singer and “Stadl” owner Marion Pfaff (50) with a fee that was far too high. He asked for 20,000 euros for the big opening! In 2020 he would have been satisfied with a mere 7,000 euros, says Pfaff.

Marion Pfaff is the owner of the

Marion Pfaff is the owner of the “Stadl”, where Wendler should actually appear

Photo: picture alliance / Thomas Reiner

So what remains for the Wendlers after the cancellations? Actually only OnlyFans. And that’s exactly where Laura showed up again. A few days ago she presented her baby bump in hot lingerie.

The Wendler subscription to the platform costs $34.99 per month. Someone has to top up the family fund…

Source: Asia Times


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