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When the prosecutor demanded 7 years in prison: the accused collapsed in a drug trial



Munich When the prosecutor presented his claim in his plea, the drug smuggler collapsed! Emergency doctor in the drug trial before the Munich I district court against bodyguard Nejat G. (50).

The bodyguard, who lives in Switzerland, was stopped and checked on the Autobahn in Holzkirchen with a BMW X6. The police found almost 10 kilos of cannabidiol (CBD).

The sale of CBD-containing products such as oil or hemp is legal up to a THC content (tetrahydrocannabinol, editor’s note) of 0.2 percent, provided that abuse for intoxication purposes is excluded. However, the CBD that the bodyguard had in his backpack had a THC content of 0.61 percent, according to the indictment. The almost 10 kilos of hemp therefore contained over 60 grams of THC. Nejat G. also had a one-hand knife in his pocket.

CBD hemp plants can be legally sold up to a THC content of 0.2 percent

Photo: picture alliance / NurPhoto

Prosecutors therefore charged him with armed trafficking in narcotics. According to the indictment, he is said to have tried to transfer the narcotics from Switzerland to Austria.


During the trial, Nejat G. burst into tears. He only transported the backpack for a friend and didn’t know the contents. He is not a drug dealer. After the public prosecutor had called for seven years in prison for the Swiss in his plea, Nejat G. collapsed shortly thereafter with a seizure in the courtroom.

The ambulance had to be called. His defense attorneys Tom Heindl and Sandra Philipps had previously requested a suspended sentence for their client. Philipp, a trained paramedic, also took care of the man in the meeting room until the emergency doctors arrived. The verdict has now been postponed to early April.

Source: Asia Times

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