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Who Wins ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 17?



The Amazing Race is wrapping its 34th season on CBS, but older outings of the reality competition series can be difficult to come by. The Amazing Race Season 17, which originally aired back in 2010, is coming to Netflix on Dec. 4, 2022. For those who don’t remember how things played out — or audiences watching for the first time — who wins The Amazing Race Season 17?

‘The Amazing Race’ Season 17 cast

Contestants in ‘The Amazing Race’ | John P. Filo/CBS via Getty Images

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Before we dig into the winner of The Amazing Race Season 17, let’s go over the cast for that outing. Season 17 consisted of 22 contestants in total, and they came from a variety of backgrounds. Several of the participants formerly competed in beauty pageants like Miss America, while others were hosts from the Home Shopping Network.

Per Wikipedia, find the full list of competitors in The Amazing Race Season 17 below:

  • Katherine Chang
  • Natalie Strand
  • Claire Champlin
  • Brook Roberts
  • Thomas Wolfhard
  • Jill Haney
  • Vicki Casciola
  • Nick DeCarlo
  • Stephanie Smith
  • Chad Waltrip
  • Mallory Ervin
  • Gary Ervin
  • Kevin Wu
  • Michael Wu
  • Rachel Johnston
  • Katie Seamon
  • Jonathan Schwartz
  • Connor Diemand-Yauman
  • Jenna Sykes
  • Andie DeKroon
  • Tony Stovall
  • Ron Kellam

The Amazing Race‘s seventeenth run boasted a number of memorable faces. But who won the 2010 iteration of the reality series?

‘The Amazing Race’ Season 17 winners

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Katherine Chang and Natalie Strand won The Amazing Race Season 17, taking home the $1 million prize. Both anesthesiologists, Chang and Strand made history when they crossed the finish line during Leg 12. The duo became the first team comprised solely of women to win the reality competition. It proved an exciting moment, and they weren’t the only pair to make an impression during the last round.

The second-place team was also made up of two women, and they came close to securing the win. It was difficult to know who to cheer for during season 17’s finale, even as the gap between the winners and runner-ups widened.

Fortunately, even The Amazing Race‘s runner-ups take home cash for their achievements.

‘The Amazing Race’ Season 17 runner-ups

Claire Champlin in 'The Amazing Race' Season 17. She's riding on horseback with a knight.
‘The Amazing Race’ contestant Claire Champlin | Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS via Getty Images

Katherine Chang and Natalie Strand may have won The Amazing Race Season 17, but they weren’t the only team to make it to the final Leg. The Amazing Race‘s runner-ups put on an impressive show as well, even if they couldn’t keep up with the doctor duo.

Home Shopping hosts Brook Roberts and Claire Champlin won second place that year, while Jill Haney and Thomas Wolfhard came in third. The final obstacles stumped both pairs, but watching them scramble toward the finish line still proved entertaining.

All in all, season 17 proved a suspenseful outing up until the very end. Its contestants made history in its final episode, and the runner-ups came close to achieving victory. Needless to say, this outing is well worth a rewatch. And fans will have time to dive in after The Amazing Race Season 34 concludes.

The Amazing Race Season 17 is coming to Netflix on Dec. 4, 2022.

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