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Why Does TikTok Keep Crashing? It’s Not Your iPhone



Frustrated by TikTok crashing? You’re not alone.

Still-functioning social media platforms were rife with complaints from users frustrated by constant TikTok app crashes. And data shows New York is one of the hotspots for the issue.

Los Angeles also appeared to be heavily affected as of mid-morning. Problems appeared to spike around 6 a.m. ET, when more than 25,000 people reported issues. The soaring peak ebbed but the problem stuck around through the morning. Ninety percent of users who complained reported problems with the app, Downdetector data shows.

Some said they kept getting errors and server processing issues. Others got booted off the app before it would load. And still others said they crashed every few minutes.

Some feared it was an iPhone issue, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. It seems to be TikTok, for sure.

It’s not clear what caused the issue but it appeared to be global in scale, with users in Britain complaining about widespread problems — and many, many other countries affected, based on Downdetector reports.


TikTok didn’t appear to respond on its Twitter support account.


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Source: NBC New York

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