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‘Will Trent’ Episode 10 Recap: Angie Goes Down a Dark Path in ‘Pterodactyls Can Fly’



It’s no secret that the characters in ABC‘s Will Trent have demons. Will Trent and Angie Polaski grew up in an awful foster home together. Faith Mitchell’s mother was accused of being a crooked cop. Michael Ormewood has rage issues following his military service. The jury is still out on Amanda Wagner. And almost all of these problems came to a head in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 10, “Pterodactyls Can Fly.”

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Will Trent Season 1 Episode 10, “Pterodactyls Can Fly.]

Will takes in a child in ‘Will Trent’ Episode 10

A truck rolls up to a trailer park, and the men inside kill the Elmsway family in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 10. One of the shooters dies during the attack, and the other hides while local law enforcement and Will investigate the scene. The second perpetrator starts shooting at them but Will fires back and knocks the criminal down.

Elsewhere, Faith, who is on desk duty following the events of episode 9, meets with her peer counselor. He tries to get her to open up about the traumatic experience of taking a life, but Faith is closed off. And her mother, Evelyn, arrives to help her.

Back at the trailer park crime scene, Will discovers a little boy hiding in a shack. The police take him and the injured gunman to the hospital.

Faith later calls Will, and he fills her in on what they know about the massacre — the two shooters, Gary Keller and Eric Young, had previous drug charges, and Sean Elmsway dealt heroin. So the obvious assumption is that this was about drugs, but they didn’t find any drugs at the crime scene. Evelyn tries to help Faith with the case, but she immediately shuts her mother down. Ouch.


Will tries to get the boy (who he adorably nicknames Scoot) to open up, so he uses fast food to help him communicate since the kid isn’t speaking. Via chicken nuggets, dipping sauces, and french fries, the GBI agent learns that the boy was related to the Elmsways and that a third gunman got away.

Sean’s associate informs Will that a cousin of the Elmsways was previously pregnant, and Scoot is possibly her son. And when Child Protective Services arrives to bring Scoot to a temporary foster family, Will immediately rebuffs the idea given his awful experience with foster care (he even tells the story of when his foster mother was angry at him, so she ironed his shirt while he was wearing it).

Ultimately, Will welcomes Scoot into his home for the night in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 10. And Scoot feels comfortable enough to speak and asks Will to tell him a story about a pterodactyl. Afterward, Scoot tells Will that his mother, Kylie, had to “go away” but was coming back. And he reveals that his name is Theo Davis.

Angie’s past haunts her

At the Atlanta Police Department, Angie and Ormewood discuss her recent change in behavior in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 10. Angie opens up about discovering that Lenny Broussard, her former foster parent who molested her, is engaged to someone with a teenage daughter named Crystal. Angie worries he’s abusing her, so she and Ormewood look into it.

Evelyn convinces Faith to go into the GBI, but she accompanies her daughter. Evelyn and Will exchange words (she says he “ruined her life,” but he rebuttals that she ruined her own life). Once Evelyn leaves, Faith informs Will that the two known shooters deposited $10,000 shortly before the massacre. So, they were paid to kill the Elmsways.

Evelyn ventures into Amanda’s office, and she confronts her about stabbing her in the back. She claims she knew her department was corrupt, so she went to Amanda for help. Thankfully, Amanda’s assistant (Caroline, not Carolyn) interrupts and informs her boss that they’ve located Theo’s grandmother, Kathleen. She had never met Theo since her son, Theo’s father, was in prison on drug charges, and Kylie was also allegedly mixed up in drugs.


Gary Keller finally regains consciousness, so Will and Faith (and Evelyn) go to the hospital to talk to him. Gary reveals that “Johnny Cash” hired him and Eric to carry out the hit. He never knew his real name, but “Johnny” was the third gunman who got away.

Angie and Ormewood track down Crystal at her high school, and Angie questions her about Lenny. She gets nowhere with her, but the detective gives Crystal her card. And later, Crystal’s mother storms into the APD and yells at Angie for confronting her daughter. When Angie gets heated, her sponsor, Franklin, pulls her aside and talks her through it before she loses her job. And he promises their captain won’t find out about the confrontation in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 10.

Who killed the Elmsways in ‘Will Trent’ Episode 10?

Faith learns that “Johnny” ran to a mini-mart near the crime scene and got into an SUV in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 10. And the same vehicle is in the parking lot of Kathleen’s hardware store. Will, not knowing this new information, takes Theo into the store. As it turns out, one of Theo’s uncles, Deacon, is “Johnny Cash.”

Theo immediately recognizes him from the trailer park. And sensing that the boy is distressed, Will takes him into the bathroom, where Theo informs him who Deacon truly is. Will calls for backup and lifts Theo and Betty into the vents. While Theo hides, he distracts Kathleen, Deacon, and her other son, Aaron.

Meanwhile, Kylie arrives at the GBI demanding to see her son. She tells Faith that she had dropped Theo off at the Elmsways while she took a temporary nursing job in Ohio. Then, in a surprising turn of events, Kylie reveals that Kathleen had been trying to gain custody of Theo for the past year. She constantly called CPS on Kylie and lied about her using drugs. So Kathleen hasn’t exactly been telling the GBI the truth.

Thankfully, Will is able to subdue the family and rescue Theo. Back at Will’s house, Will gifts Theo with a white handkerchief, and they say goodbye to one another before Kylie picks up her son. And Evelyn and Faith also share a moment at the end of the hour when Evelyn helps her daughter process her trauma.

Elsewhere, Angie confronts Lenny, who tells her that Angie “deserved” what he did to her. He (disgustingly) tells her she was asking for it because of how she walked around and what she wore. In response, Angie promises Lenny that she will kill him. Later, she meets up with an unknown man and hands him money, assumingly making good on her promise.


New episodes of Will Trent air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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