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NHL prospect reveals that team inquired about his Uber rating and Snapchat scores before the draft



Zayne Parekh, a top prospect in this month’s NHL Draft, has caught the attention of many teams due to his impressive performance on the ice. Hailing from Nobleton, Ontario, the 18-year-old defenseman has spent the last two seasons with the OHL’s Saginaw Spirit, where he excelled with 33 goals and 63 assists in 66 games. Parekh’s talent on the ice is undeniable, but some teams are also interested in his off-ice personality. During a media session, Parekh revealed that a team asked him about his Uber rating and Snapchat score, indicating an interest in his social media presence.

Parekh disclosed that his Uber rating is an impressive 4.92, just shy of a perfect five-star rating, showcasing his responsible and respectful demeanor outside of the rink. However, he chose to keep his Snapchat score private, which is a reflection of his activity on the popular social media platform. A Snapchat score is determined by a complex algorithm that takes into account factors such as the number of snaps sent and received, stories posted, and overall engagement on the app. The higher the score, the more active a user is on the platform.

While Parekh’s on-ice performance has cemented his status as a top draft pick, his high Uber rating speaks to his character and professionalism off the ice. Teams in the NHL Draft are looking for not only skilled players but also individuals who can positively contribute to the team dynamic in the locker room. Parekh’s impressive Uber rating indicates that he is a responsible and well-liked player, making him an attractive prospect for any team in need of a talented defenseman. With the draft approaching, many are eager to see where Parekh will land and how his off-ice qualities will complement his on-ice skills.

In addition to his standout performance on the ice, Parekh’s off-ice characteristics are also drawing attention from NHL teams. By asking about his Uber rating and Snapchat score, teams are seeking to gain insight into his personality, habits, and social media presence. Parekh’s positive Uber rating suggests that he is reliable, respectful, and well-regarded by his peers and drivers, qualities that are highly valued in a professional sports setting. His decision to keep his Snapchat score private adds an element of mystery to his off-ice persona, leaving fans and teams intrigued about this promising young player’s social media activity.

Parekh’s combination of on-ice talent and off-ice demeanor makes him a compelling candidate for a top-10 pick in the NHL Draft. With impressive statistics and accolades in the OHL, Parekh has already proven himself as a skilled defenseman with a bright future in professional hockey. His high Uber rating and the team’s interest in his social media presence further highlight his potential as a valuable asset to any NHL franchise. As the draft approaches, the spotlight is on Parekh as teams consider not only his on-ice abilities but also his character and conduct outside of the rink.

In a competitive draft class, Parekh’s off-ice qualities could be the deciding factor for teams looking to secure a top prospect. By showcasing his professionalism, responsibility, and positive character traits, Parekh has positioned himself as a well-rounded player with the potential to make a significant impact in the NHL. As teams conduct their due diligence and evaluate potential draft picks, Parekh’s high Uber rating and the team’s questions about his Snapchat score could set him apart from other prospects. With the draft day fast approaching, all eyes are on Parekh and his journey to becoming a key player in the NHL.

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