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Nine Months Ago, Jesse Eisenberg Explains His Reasons for Applying for Polish Citizenship



Jesse Eisenberg recently revealed that he is in the process of becoming a citizen of Poland. The 40-year-old actor applied for Polish citizenship about 9 months ago and is currently waiting for the final signature. Eisenberg, who is married to Anna Strout, has deep family ties to Poland as his family is from Krasnystaw in south-east Poland, and his wife’s family is from Łódź. He expressed his desire to have a better bond with Poland and to work there more in the future.

Eisenberg’s upcoming directorial film, A Real Pain, was inspired by his ancestral home in Poland. The movie, set to be released in October, is about two American cousins who travel to Poland to explore their roots and family history. The film was shot in various locations in Poland, including Krasnystaw, Warsaw, Lublin, Kraśniki, and Radom. Eisenberg’s experiences while filming in these places fueled his decision to pursue Polish citizenship.

The actor, who was raised Jewish in New York, connected with his faith later in life. He revealed that he had a Bar Mitzvah through Chabad, a religious organization that helped him prepare for his role as a Hasidic Jew in the film Holy Rollers. Despite his religious upbringing, Eisenberg admitted that his focus was primarily on the movie and character rather than having a purely spiritual experience during his Bar Mitzvah.

Eisenberg expressed his desire to create a better relationship between Jews and Poles through his work and involvement in Poland. He highlighted the importance of fostering positive relationships between the two communities, given his and his wife’s deep family ties to the country. The actor shared his enthusiasm for the opportunity to apply for Polish citizenship and his commitment to strengthening the bond between Jews and Poles.

The actor’s film A Real Pain serves as a personal and meaningful project for Eisenberg as it allows him to delve into his family history and pay tribute to his Polish heritage. By filming in locations significant to his family origins, Eisenberg hopes to not only showcase the beauty of Poland but also promote understanding and unity between different communities. His decision to apply for Polish citizenship further reflects his dedication to building bridges and fostering positive relationships between Jews and Poles.

As Eisenberg awaits the final approval for his Polish citizenship, his journey towards becoming a citizen of Poland marks a significant step in his personal and professional life. His commitment to honoring his family’s heritage and creating a better connection with Poland through his work and citizenship process is a testament to his passion for storytelling and building cultural bridges. With his upcoming film release and his ongoing efforts to strengthen relationships between different communities, Jesse Eisenberg continues to make an impact both on and off the screen.

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