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Official confirms Bahrain’s message sent through Russia to normalize ties with Iran



Bahraini officials have recently expressed a desire to improve relations with Iran after years of tension between the two countries. Reports indicate that Bahrain has sent a message through Russia to Iran in an attempt to re-establish diplomatic ties. This effort follows a public statement by Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa during a visit to Moscow, where he emphasized the importance of peaceful and diplomatic approaches to promote peace and stability in the region.

In 2016, Bahrain severed diplomatic relations with Iran amid heightened tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Bahrain accused Iran of involvement in antigovernment protests that occurred in 2011. However, the landscape appears to be shifting, as Saudi Arabia normalized its own relations with Iran through a Chinese-brokered agreement last year. Bahrain’s efforts to reach out to Iran seem to align with broader regional trends towards peace and stability.

During his visit to Beijing, King Hamad reiterated Bahrain’s desire to improve its relations with Iran, highlighting the principles of good neighborliness and non-interference in internal affairs. The Bahraini monarch also extended condolences to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei following the death of President Ibrahim Raisi. These diplomatic gestures signal Bahrain’s willingness to engage with Iran as a neighbor and promote peace in the region.

Despite having established formal ties with Israel in 2020, Bahrain is now seeking to mend relations with Iran, another key player in the Middle East. The Bahraini government’s involvement in a US-led military coalition to counter attacks on international shipping by Yemen’s Iran-allied Houthis underscores the complex web of alliances and conflicts in the region. Bahrain’s proactive approach to diplomacy reflects a broader regional trend towards finding peaceful solutions to longstanding disputes.

The potential normalization of relations between Bahrain and Iran could have significant implications for regional dynamics, as both countries play crucial roles in the Middle East. The efforts by Bahrain to reach out to Iran through Russia indicate a willingness to engage in dialogue and diplomacy to address historical grievances and foster stability in the region. By prioritizing peace and cooperation, Bahrain is taking a proactive stance towards building a more peaceful and interconnected Middle East.

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