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Official Consideration of Mazda Sports Car with Rotary Engine



Toyota, Subaru, and Mazda have jointly announced plans to save the internal combustion engine by making it run cleaner. Toyota introduced new inline-four engines, Subaru showcased a next-generation hybrid boxer, and Mazda displayed a prototype for a two-rotor engine. This new rotary engine could potentially be used in a performance vehicle, as seen in the Iconic SP concept, where it would work as a generator for the battery rather than being mechanically connected to the wheels. Mazda’s dedicated rotary engine team is working on creating “attractive cars that excite customers,” hinting at a potential RX revival with the two-rotor setup mounted longitudinally. This development comes after previous rumors and speculations regarding a new RX model, which could signal a return to Mazda’s iconic rotary-powered sports cars.

In October 2023, Mazda’s Chief Designer Masashi Nakayama revealed details about the Iconic SP concept, stating that it was intentionally made larger than necessary to make a bigger impact at its debut. Despite its size, Mazda claims that they can shrink the car down to the size of a Miata, potentially fitting in a two-rotor engine, an electric motor, and a battery pack. The Iconic SP concept, at 164.6 inches long and 82.8 inches wide, is substantially larger than the Miata ND but still features just two seats. Weighing in at 3,197 pounds with 365 horsepower, the concept has twice the power of the current Miata, which recently received its third major update. Mazda’s future plans for the Iconic SP are unclear, as it could potentially become the next MX-5 or a larger, more expensive sports car, provided it goes into production.

Mazda’s official announcement of a potential new RX model with a two-rotor engine for power generation has sparked excitement among enthusiasts and fans of the brand. The prospects of a rotary-powered sports car making a comeback after the RX-8 Spirit R in 2012 have reignited interest in Mazda’s performance offerings. The new two-rotor engine, designed to improve vibration and emissions, may find its way into a future sports car model as hinted at by Mazda’s earlier concepts and statements. With a dedicated rotary engine team now in place, the development of a new RX model seems more promising than ever, despite past setbacks and canceled plans due to financial crises.

The collaboration between Toyota, Subaru, and Mazda highlights a shared commitment to evolving the internal combustion engine to meet stricter emissions standards and environmental regulations. While Toyota introduced new inline-four engines and Subaru previewed a next-generation hybrid boxer, Mazda stole the show with its prototype two-rotor engine designed for power generation in a performance vehicle. The potential revival of the RX model with this new engine setup signals a shift towards exciting and innovative cars that push the boundaries of traditional automotive technology. With Mazda’s history of creating iconic rotary-powered sports cars, the announcement of a new RX model has generated substantial interest and anticipation among enthusiasts and industry observers.

Mazda’s emphasis on creating “attractive cars that excite customers” through the development of a new rotary engine highlights the brand’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of traditional automotive design. The potential launch of a new RX model with a two-rotor engine signifies a promising future for Mazda’s performance offerings, as the brand seeks to appeal to enthusiasts and fans of rotary-powered sports cars. The unveiling of the Iconic SP concept, with its larger-than-life presence and futuristic design, hints at Mazda’s vision for the next generation of sports cars that combine cutting-edge technology with thrilling driving experiences. As Mazda continues to push the boundaries of traditional automotive design and engineering, the potential revival of the RX model with a two-rotor engine offers a glimpse into the brand’s commitment to creating innovative and exciting vehicles that stand out in the competitive automotive market.

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