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On Just Unveils its Debut Gym Shoe – A Closer Look at the Cloudpulse’s Design, Comfort, and Performance in Workouts



The Cloudpulse shoes are a comfortable option for gym sessions and activities that involve a mix of cardio, strength training, and dynamic movements. These shoes offer a balance between cushioning and support, making them suitable for a variety of exercises. With an eight-millimeter heel drop, the Cloudpulse provides a stable base for heavy lower-body exercises while still allowing for flexibility during dynamic movements. They excel in exercises that involve side-to-side movements and explosive jumps, providing both stability and energy return.

The Cloudpulse is ideal for fitness classes, HIIT-based circuits, and workouts that involve a combination of different movements. If you enjoy activities like box jumps, skater hops, or burpees, these shoes will keep you steady and comfortable throughout your workout. However, if you are focused on building maximum strength with heavy weights, you may prefer a shoe that offers a stiffer and flatter base to optimize your connection with the floor. While the Cloudpulse may not be the best option for heavy lower-body exercises like barbell deadlifts, they are still a versatile choice for a variety of workouts.

During testing, the Cloudpulse proved to be a reliable and comfortable option for gym sessions and activities like elliptical workouts and one-mile walks. The cushioning and flexibility of these shoes make them suitable for cardio warm-ups and dynamic exercises that involve multi-directional movements. They provide side-to-side stability for exercises like lateral step-ups and lunges, as well as energy return for explosive moves like skater hops. The Cloudpulse offers a comfortable and supportive option for cross-training and can be worn throughout the day without feeling the need to kick them off immediately after a workout.

Overall, the Cloudpulse is a solid choice for individuals who engage in a variety of exercises and activities. Whether you prefer fitness classes, HIIT-based circuits, or a mix of cardio and strength training, these shoes offer a comfortable and versatile option. While they may not provide the same level of connection with the floor as weightlifting shoes for heavy strength training exercises, the Cloudpulse excels in providing cushioning, support, and stability for a wide range of movements. If you’re looking for a shoe that can take you from the gym to the rest of your day, the Cloudpulse is a reliable and stylish choice.

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