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Pennsylvania man wins big in Maryland lottery while buying supplies for a party



A lucky man from Pennsylvania won an impressive $162,411 jackpot in Maryland after stopping at a liquor store in Laurel on his way to a Memorial Day party. The financial planner from Philadelphia often buys lottery tickets when he visits Maryland and decided to try his luck with a “FAST PLAY” game called Big Money Doubler. Despite being a lottery enthusiast, the man did not check his ticket until later that evening and was shocked to see he had won over $160,000. The liquor store where he purchased the winning ticket also received a $1,000 bonus.

The Big Money Doubler game, which costs $5 per play, has a progressive jackpot that grows until someone wins. The man had been successful with FAST PLAY tickets in the past and decided to take a chance on this particular game after seeing the jackpot amount on the Maryland Lottery’s website. The game started selling tickets in January 2023 and will close after 10 more progressive jackpots are won. While the game’s minimum jackpot is $40,000, there are also smaller non-jackpot prizes ranging from $10 to $5,000.

Upon winning the jackpot, the man was in disbelief and immediately called his girlfriend and friends to share the news. Although he did not disclose his plans for the winnings, it is possible that he may throw an epic party or two to celebrate his good fortune. The man’s stroke of luck serves as a reminder of the excitement and potential rewards that come with playing the lottery. For more stories on lifestyle and entertainment, visit

This exciting win highlights the unpredictability and thrill of playing lottery games and the possibility of turning a regular pit stop into a life-changing moment. The man’s spur-of-the-moment decision to purchase a lottery ticket at a liquor store in Laurel ultimately led to him winning over $160,000 on a game he had a good feeling about. His story serves as inspiration for lottery enthusiasts and casual players alike, showing that big wins can happen when least expected.

The progressive nature of the Big Money Doubler game adds to the excitement, as the jackpot grows with each play until a lucky winner claims it. The game’s structure allows for larger payouts and keeps players coming back for a chance to strike it big. With smaller non-jackpot prizes also up for grabs, the game offers multiple opportunities for players to win varying amounts of money, adding to the fun and anticipation of playing.

The man’s disbelief upon realizing he had won speaks to the shock and joy that often accompany winning a substantial lottery prize. His response of calling loved ones to share the news reflects the desire to celebrate and revel in the moment with those closest to him. Whether he chooses to use the jackpot for personal enrichment, extravagant purchases, or unforgettable experiences, the win represents a significant and memorable event in his life that will undoubtedly be cherished and remembered for years to come.

Overall, the man’s unexpected windfall serves as a testament to the excitement and potential rewards that come with playing the lottery. His story showcases the thrill of taking a chance and the possibility of turning a routine stop into an unforgettable moment of good fortune. As lottery games continue to offer enticing jackpots and prizes, players everywhere can look to stories like this as a source of hope and inspiration, knowing that a life-changing win could be just a ticket away. For more intriguing lifestyle articles and news, be sure to visit

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