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People with nut allergies add another complication to the Equinox shower product controversy.



Equinox recently switched from Kiehl’s bath and body care products to Grown Alchemist ones in their locker rooms. This change has sparked concern amongst members with nut allergies, as some of the Grown Alchemist items contain nut oils. Specifically, the body cleanser, conditioner, and body cream contain macadamia oil and sweet almond oil, which can be risky for those with nut allergies. The concerns are heightened because the body cleanser and conditioner are essential for post-workout showers and are stocked in all communal showers, increasing the risk of exposure for allergic individuals.

Content creator Blake Rayfield, who canceled her Equinox membership over the product switch, highlighted the potential dangers for those with nut allergies in a TikTok video. Many people with nut allergies commented on the video, expressing their concerns and suggesting that Equinox should designate nut-free showers or bathrooms. However, Equinox declined to comment on the issue. In response to the concerns, SELF reached out to allergists and dermatologists to gather expert opinions on the safety of using nut oil-containing products in the gym showers for allergic individuals.

According to experts, nut oils used in skin care products are typically processed in a way that removes most of the proteins that cause allergic reactions. This means that applying products like the Grown Alchemist body cleanser and conditioner, which contain almond and macadamia oils, is unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction in individuals with nut allergies. The purpose of these oils in skincare is mainly related to their fat content, which helps soften skin and provide a protective barrier. In a statement provided to SELF, a Grown Alchemist spokesperson confirmed that their products are formulated to have minimal allergen proteins present.

For individuals with nut allergies, the risk of exposure to nut oils in skincare products is relatively low compared to consuming whole nuts. While tree nuts like almonds and macadamias are common food allergens, applying products with nut oils is generally considered safe for allergic individuals. However, it’s still important for those with nut allergies to be cautious and consult with their healthcare providers before using products containing nut oils. Ultimately, the decision to use products like the Grown Alchemist body cleanser and conditioner in Equinox locker rooms should be based on individual comfort levels and risk assessments.

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