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Photo: 12-year-old machete murderer seen with 16-inch knife in his pants before fatal stabbing



The haunting photo of a 12-year-old killer posing with a 16-inch machete tucked into his trousers on the day he murdered teenager Shawn Seesahai is a chilling reminder of the shocking incident that took place in Wolverhampton in November 2023. The masked boy is seen wearing a grey hooded jumper with the black handle of the blade within touching distance of his chin, displaying a menacing demeanor with both hands tucked into the waistband of his jogging bottoms. The Snapchat messages exchanged after the murder revealed a disturbing lack of remorse, with one of the killers callously stating, ‘It is what it is,’ in response to the news spreading about the crime.

The two 12-year-old boys responsible for the brutal attack on Shawn Seesahai, making them the youngest children convicted of murder in the UK since the James Bulger case in 1993, shocked both investigators and the public with their actions. CCTV footage captured the last moments of Mr. Seesahai before the fatal attack, showing him walking to a park minutes before encountering his attackers. The boys, who had been allowed to play with fidget-spinner toys while giving evidence, are expected to be sentenced in the coming month. The disturbing nature of the crime, involving such young perpetrators and a large machete, highlights the dangerous reality of youth violence in society today.

The sequence of events leading up to the tragic murder unfolded as Mr. Seesahai and his friends left the Handsworth area of Birmingham, boarded a tram, and eventually made their way to a park in Wolverhampton, where they crossed paths with the attackers. The ordeal culminated in a confrontation during which Mr. Seesahai was fatally wounded by the boys wielding the machete with extreme force. The victim’s friend recounted running for his life as the attackers launched their assault, leaving Mr. Seesahai mortally injured on the playing fields. The senseless violence and lack of provocation in the attack underscore the brutality of the crime.

The emotional impact of Mr. Seesahai’s murder reverberated through his family, who expressed profound grief and disbelief over the loss of their beloved son. Suresh Seesahai, the victim’s father, emphasized the need for parents to remain vigilant and attentive to their children’s behavior, warning of the dangers posed by today’s youth. The devastating impact on the surviving sibling, who lamented the loss of her brother, further illustrates the profound loss experienced by the family. Despite expressing sympathy for the parents of the young killers, Mr. Seesahai stressed the importance of justice being served for his son, calling for a fair resolution in the case.

The gravity of the crime, committed by children as young as 12, raises serious concerns about the prevalence of youth violence and the accessibility of dangerous weapons such as machetes. The fact that one of the defendants had reportedly searched for knives online prior to the attack emphasizes the role of parental supervision and intervention in preventing such tragedies. The prosecutor highlighted the horrifying and random nature of the attack, attributing it to the defendants’ fixation with violence and their readiness to arm themselves with deadly weapons. The outcome of the trial sends a clear message about the consequences of engaging in violent behavior and underscores the need for society to address the underlying issues contributing to youth violence.

In conclusion, the tragic murder of Shawn Seesahai by two 12-year-old boys wielding a machete is a harrowing reminder of the prevalence of youth violence in contemporary society. The chilling details of the crime, captured in CCTV footage and Snapchat messages, underscore the lack of remorse and the disturbing nature of the attack. The impact on the victim’s family and the wider community serves as a stark warning about the dangers of unchecked youth violence and the accessibility of lethal weapons. As the perpetrators await sentencing, the case highlights the need for concerted efforts to address the root causes of such violence and to ensure that justice is served for the victims and their families.

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