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Trump Trials: The Waiting Game



There were no major developments in any of the four courtrooms last week, but the judges in those cases are weighing some consequential pretrial issues that we are waiting on.

Lots of eyes were on Attorney General Merrick Garland, who testified to the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee for the first time since the Justice Department indicted Trump — twice (first in Florida, then in D.C.). Lawmakers didn’t ask Garland much about the Trump cases, however, grilling him instead about the Hunter Biden investigation.

Still, Garland alluded to the prosecutors and agents working on the Trump federal trials, saying public servants and Justice Department employees, particularly those working on high-profile investigations, are facing “astounding threats.”

“We will do our jobs free from outside interference,” he said.

(Read our profile of Garland here and our report from his day on Capitol Hill here.)


Source: Washington Post

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