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President of Cornell University to resign



Martha E. Pollack, the current president of Cornell University, has announced that she will be stepping down from her position at the end of June. This news comes as a surprise to many as Pollack has been in the role since 2017 and has been a prominent figure in the university community. The decision to step down was made by Pollack herself, and she has not given a specific reason for her departure.

During her time as president, Pollack has made significant contributions to the university, including implementing new initiatives and overseeing the growth and development of the institution. She has been a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion on campus, as well as promoting academic excellence and innovation. Pollack has also played a key role in expanding Cornell’s partnerships and collaborations with other institutions and organizations.

As Pollack prepares to leave her position, the university will now begin the search for a new president to take her place. This process is expected to be thorough and comprehensive, as the Board of Trustees is looking for a leader who can continue to build on Pollack’s legacy and drive Cornell University forward. The new president will have big shoes to fill, as Pollack leaves behind a lasting impact on the university community.

Pollack’s departure comes at a critical time for Cornell University, as the institution navigates through challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues facing higher education. The new president will be tasked with leading the university through these uncertain times and ensuring that Cornell remains a world-class institution known for its excellence in research, teaching, and community engagement. The search for a new president will likely involve input from various stakeholders, including faculty, students, alumni, and staff.

As Martha E. Pollack prepares to step down as president of Cornell University, her tenure will be remembered for her dedication to the university’s mission and values. She leaves behind a legacy of excellence, innovation, and leadership that will continue to shape the future of Cornell for years to come. The university community will now look ahead to the next chapter in its history with anticipation and excitement as they search for a new leader to guide Cornell University into a new era of growth and success.

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