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Preview of the New Art Parade Coming to Gowanus this Weekend



Brooklyn is gearing up for a new, unique parade called the Gowanus Art Parade, which will take place along the historically polluted canal. The parade is organized by Arts Gowanus, a nonprofit organization, and aims to celebrate the creative community in the neighborhood. Artists and creatives have come together to create elaborate costumes based on the theme of “Creatures of the Canal,” inspired by the mythical mutants that may inhabit the polluted shores. The parade is set to become an annual tradition, showcasing the vibrant and eclectic artistic community in Gowanus.

The parade comes at a time when the neighborhood is undergoing significant changes, including a historic rezoning, heavy development, and a federal cleanup. Artists, like David Barthold and Johnny Thornton, have been drawn to Gowanus due to its affordability and industrial charm. The neighborhood has a long history of attracting creatives who transform obsolete or undervalued spaces into thriving artistic hubs. The Arts Gowanus Executive Director, Johnny Thornton, is a mural painter whose work is well known along the “lavender lake,” giving voice to the artistic spirit of the community.

One highlight of the parade is the 4th Avenue Yarn Collective, known for their elaborate knitted displays known as yarn bombs. The group, including member Beverly Crilly, has created unique costumes for the parade, such as a knitted octopus hat. The theme of “Creatures of the Canal” reflects the quirky and imaginative spirit of the neighborhood, with references to mutated creatures and mythical beings inspired by the polluted canal. The parade is a celebration of the resilience and creativity of the community, amidst the ongoing changes and challenges facing Gowanus.

The Gowanus Art Parade adds to the lineup of famous Brooklyn processions, such as the Annual Mermaid Parade and the Red Hook Barnacle Parade. These parades celebrate the diverse, artistic, and vibrant communities across Brooklyn, each with its own unique theme and spirit. The Gowanus Art Parade is set to kick off on June 1st, starting at Union and Nevins Streets and ending at the Second Street waterfront with a community festival. The parade promises to be a colorful and exciting event, showcasing the creative talents and unique character of Gowanus to residents and visitors alike.

As the Gowanus neighborhood continues to evolve and transform, the artistic community remains a driving force in shaping its identity and character. The Gowanus Art Parade serves as a testament to the resilience, creativity, and spirit of the community, providing a platform for artists and creatives to showcase their talents and celebrate their connection to the neighborhood. The parade not only highlights the artistic vibrancy of Gowanus but also serves as a symbol of unity and community, bringing residents together to celebrate their shared history and creativity. With its inaugural parade set to become an annual tradition, the Gowanus Art Parade looks set to become a beloved event, attracting art enthusiasts, locals, and visitors to celebrate the unique spirit of Brooklyn’s creative community.

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