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Prince William arrives at the Duchess of Westminster’s society wedding of the year to Olivia Henson, greeted by cheers from the crowds eager to catch a glimpse of the star-studded guest list.



Prince William recently attended the society wedding of the year between his old friend, Hugh Grosvenor, and Olivia Henson in Cheshire. Hugh is the 7th Duke of Westminster and is the richest man in Britain under forty, worth £10.42 billion. The wedding took place at Chester Cathedral and was attended by around 400 guests from all over the world. Prince William, who is an usher at the service, was cheered on by onlookers as he arrived, while Prince Harry was not in attendance. Hugh Grosvenor is the godfather to Prince William’s son, Prince George, and Prince Harry’s son, Archie.

Excited royal fans gathered outside the cathedral hours before the ceremony started. The Duke of Westminster paid for free ice cream, gelato, and sorbet from three local cafes for Cheshire locals to join in the celebration. The presence of the heir to the throne at the event also prompted increased security measures, including sniffer dogs checking the area for explosives. A staggering 100,000 flowers, paid for by the Duke, have been planted throughout the city and will be donated to charity after the ceremony. The Duke and Olivia are passionate about eco-friendly practices, with the flowers used at the wedding being repurposed into sustainable artworks.

The wedding reception details have been kept under wraps, with guests asked not to post on social media when they arrived. It is rumored to be a green event, as both Hugh and Olivia are environmentally conscious. Olivia works as a senior account manager at Belazu, an environmentally friendly company that focuses on importing sustainably-sourced ingredients. The couple intends to live at Eaton Hall, a mock French chateau set in 10,872 acres of Cheshire, after their marriage. The reception will feature a lemon-flavored arctic roll, inspired by the lemon-flavored wedding cake served at the event.

The Cathedral was decked with floral arrangements, and a floral arch was constructed around the West Door. The presence of high-profile guests led to a significant security cordon, with police officers and detectives seen outside the Cathedral. The groom and bride, Hugh and Olivia, have demonstrated their commitment to eco-friendly practices through renewable energy projects, green building codes, and biodiversity conservation efforts. In addition to the beautiful ceremony and reception, the couple’s dedication to sustainability and philanthropy adds a special touch to their special day.

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