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Rafael Nadal, 37, refutes idea that this will be his final French Open: ‘Don’t assume that’



Rafael Nadal is returning to the French Open after missing the last four grand slams due to injuries. The 37-year-old has a stellar record on clay courts, with 14 of his 22 grand slam titles coming from Roland Garros. Despite his recent setbacks, Nadal remains optimistic about his return to the court. After dropping out of the top 10 world rankings for the first time in nearly 20 years, he made a comeback at the Brisbane Invitational in December. However, another injury forced him to miss the Australian Open, raising concerns about his ability to compete at the same level as before.

Nadal’s dominance was evident in his 2022 French Open victory, where he claimed his second consecutive grand slam title. He has hinted that this year could be his last, as he will turn 38 on June 3. Although many assume that this will be his farewell appearance at the French Open, Nadal has not confirmed this. He mentioned that he is enjoying playing tennis and traveling with his family, and he is still exploring his options as to whether he will continue playing at the professional level. Nadal faces the challenge of playing against Alexander Zverev in the first round, who is currently ranked as the No. 4 player in the world.

While retirement seems to be on Nadal’s mind, he has not completely shut the door on his tennis career. He emphasized the importance of taking his time to make a decision and asked for a break from questions regarding his future plans. Nadal is focused on staying healthy and playing without limitations, which he believes will allow him to perform at his best. As he prepares to compete at the French Open, Nadal is determined to make the most of his time on the court and is open to the possibility of continuing his career beyond this tournament.

Fans, players, and the media are eagerly awaiting Nadal’s performance at the French Open, as they speculate whether this could be his final appearance. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, Nadal remains a formidable opponent on the clay courts. As he makes his return to competition, Nadal’s determination and passion for the game will be on full display. Whether this is truly his last French Open or not, one thing is certain – Rafael Nadal’s legacy in the world of tennis will endure for generations to come.

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