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Rebel Wilson dismisses idea that only gay actors should play gay roles, speaks out on Hollywood casting controversy two years after coming out as queer



Rebel Wilson, the Pitch Perfect star, has recently weighed in on the Hollywood casting debates, insisting that actors should be allowed to play any role they desire. She expressed her disagreement with the idea that only gay actors can play gay characters, stating that it is ‘total nonsense’. Rebel, who came out as gay two years ago, emphasized that she believes actors should be able to play any role they want, regardless of their sexual orientation.

The actress shared her thoughts while discussing comedy and the concept of pushing boundaries with jokes during a conversation with Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. Rebel emphasized that in comedy, the goal is to entertain people by flirting with the line of what is acceptable, even if it means sometimes crossing that line. She reflected on her own experience with making edgy jokes in public and stated that she believes there should not be different standards based on one’s identity.

Rebel came out as gay at the age of 42 and introduced her girlfriend, designer Ramona Agruma, on Instagram. She shared her joy about the new relationship, joking about her search for a Disney Prince and realizing that a Disney Princess was what she truly needed. The actress joined other queer stars in the industry who have spoken out about the casting of roles based on sexuality.

The debate around casting gay characters with gay actors was reignited by Russell T Davies, the creator of the 2005 Doctor Who revival. Davies argued that directors should cast gay men to play gay male roles, drawing parallels to not ‘blacking up’ actors in modern times. The debate has sparked discussions about representation, authenticity, and the roles of actors in portraying characters different from their own identity.

While some argue that only gay actors should play gay roles to provide authenticity, others, like Welsh actor Luke Evans, who is gay, believe that roles should be cast based on talent and ability rather than sexual orientation. Evans expressed his perspective on the issue, emphasizing that the right person should get the job regardless of their identity. This debate has raised questions about inclusivity, representation, and the responsibilities of actors and directors in shaping on-screen diversity.

Rebel Wilson also opened up about her experience working with Sacha Baron Cohen on the film Grimsby, where she felt ‘degraded’ and ‘humiliated’ due to the treatment she received. In her memoir Rebel Rising, Wilson accused the comedian of pressuring her into doing a nude scene and making her wear unflattering clothes. She reflected on how she lacked self-esteem at the time to stand up for herself, but now feels empowered to walk away from such situations. These discussions highlight the importance of creating a safe and respectful working environment in the entertainment industry.

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