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Renowned Michelin-starred chef to elevate culinary experience in space



Rasmus Munk, a Michelin-starred chef from Denmark, is teaming up with Space Perspective to offer a unique dining experience in space in 2025. Guests will board Spaceship Neptune and enjoy a six-hour journey to 100,000 feet above sea level, where they will dine on a menu inspired by space innovation. The meal will include glow-in-the-dark stars made from aerogel and jellyfish protein, as well as an edible piece of space junk from a satellite. The experience will also address topics like climate change and environmental issues.

Munk, who is the chef and co-owner of the two-Michelin-starred Alchemist restaurant in Denmark, is excited to bring his culinary skills to a new frontier. The Spaceship Neptune journey will take passengers 19 miles above sea level for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The entire experience will last about six hours, with two hours spent ascending, two hours at the destination, and two hours descending. Tickets for this unique dining experience will cost $495,000, offering a premium experience for food and space enthusiasts.

Spaceship Neptune is powered by a SpaceBalloon that is inflated with hydrogen, reaching heights of over 700 feet prior to launch. The balloon is a safe and tested technology that has been flown over 1,000 times by NASA and other governments. In the unlikely event of a hole in the balloon envelope, it will descend slowly and safely thanks to its zero-pressure design. The capsule is also equipped with a Reserve Descent System for added safety, ensuring a smooth landing in any situation.

Space Perspective plans to begin commercial flights of Spaceship Neptune in 2025, offering a unique opportunity for space enthusiasts to enjoy a luxurious dining experience in the upper atmosphere. The capsule has a capacity for eight explorers and the Space Perspective captain, providing an intimate setting for guests to enjoy their meal. The space tourism startup aims to offer a premium experience that combines fine dining with a journey to the edge of space, creating unforgettable memories for those who embark on this culinary adventure.

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