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Report: FanDuel close to finalizing naming rights deal to replace Bally Sports



FanDuel is reportedly close to a deal to replace Bally as the naming brand for Diamond Sports’ regional sports networks. Diamond, which declared bankruptcy last year, broadcasts for 38 MLB, NBA, and NHL teams. The company has faced financial difficulties due to high fixed costs under its broadcast contracts, as more viewers cancel cable subscriptions in favor of streaming services.

FanDuel, originally a daily fantasy sports service, has expanded into online gambling and is now looking to take over Diamond’s networks. The deal, which is still in the process of being finalized, is expected to involve FanDuel-related programming and selling Diamond’s streaming service to fans. In addition, FanDuel may take an equity stake in the company. The current deal between Diamond and Bally is set to end after the current MLB season.

In addition to this potential deal, sports broadcasting is evolving with new players entering the field. The NFL continues to have its games broadcast nationally on traditional networks like FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN, with Amazon Prime Video and Netflix also now streaming games. This shift comes as the MLB deals with recent gambling scandals, including a lifetime ban for Padres player Tucupita Marcano for betting on baseball games.

Overall, the potential partnership between FanDuel and Diamond Sports could significantly impact the sports broadcasting landscape, providing more opportunities for fans to access their favorite teams and games. FanDuel’s expansion into television and streaming services reflects the changing preferences of viewers and the growing importance of digital platforms in the sports industry. As the deal between FanDuel and Diamond progresses, it will be interesting to see how it shapes the future of sports broadcasting and fan engagement. Subscribe to Fox News Sports Huddle newsletter for more updates on the latest sports news.

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