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Report: First-time homebuyers seeking parental assistance to make property purchase a reality



Prospective homeowners are facing challenges in purchasing their first home due to high interest rates and limited housing supply. Many young adults are turning to their parents for help with co-signing loans and making down payments. According to a report, the housing market is currently unaffordable for many, leading to the need for family support in achieving homeownership.

A survey by Credit Karma revealed that homeownership remains a top priority for 42% of Americans who do not currently own a home. In some cases, parents feel compelled to assist their children in buying a home to help secure a better future for them. As first-generation immigrants, some parents believe in sticking together and supporting each other to get ahead in a challenging housing market.

Real estate agent Kristina Modares noted that younger generations are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase a home, as they may not have the financial means that older generations possess. This has led many to turn to their parents for financial assistance in buying a home. Some individuals, like Hayden Smith, feel that the current market conditions make it essential to take advantage of family support before the situation worsens.

One advantage of receiving help from parents when buying a home is the potential for negotiating a loan deal with them instead of a bank. This can lead to reduced interest payments and overall cost savings. Khang Nguyen, a physician, shared that his parents advised him to utilize their capital instead of taking out a mortgage, ultimately saving him money in the long run.

For many young couples, like Emily King and her husband, the dream of homeownership seemed out of reach due to the high cost of living and childcare expenses. However, with the help of her mother and acceptance of a fixer-upper home, they were able to make their homeownership dream a reality. This highlights the importance of family support in achieving homeownership in challenging market conditions.

In conclusion, the current housing market presents significant challenges for prospective homeowners, particularly younger generations. Many are turning to their parents for financial assistance in purchasing a home, given the high cost of living and limited supply of affordable housing. Family support plays a crucial role in helping individuals achieve their homeownership goals and navigate the complexities of the real estate market.

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