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Republican Senate candidate McCormick finishes tour of all 67 Pennsylvania counties, engages in accusations of dishonesty with Casey



Join Fox News for exclusive content and special access to select articles and premium content with your account – all for free. Just enter a valid email address to get started. Dave McCormick, the Republican challenger for Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seat, recently completed a tour of all 67 counties in the state, racking up 42,000 miles and 345 stops along the way. McCormick celebrated his milestone with supporters at an Italian restaurant in Matamoras, where he emphasized his commitment to representing all of Pennsylvania, not just urban areas. With polls showing a tight race between McCormick and Democratic incumbent Sen. Bob Casey, every county visit counts.

McCormick’s campaign milestone coincides with a report accusing Casey of lying about visiting all 67 counties each year. The report found discrepancies in Casey’s campaign stops, with internal documents showing he missed visiting all counties in 2023. McCormick argues that Casey’s lack of visits is indicative of a pattern of saying one thing and doing another, pointing to Casey’s alignment with President Biden’s policies and his liberal positions. McCormick, endorsed by former President Trump, consistently ties Casey to Biden, emphasizing their close alignment in votes.

Ahead of the primary, McCormick faced allegations of lying about his upbringing, including growing up on a Pennsylvania farm. Democrats have seized on these allegations, claiming McCormick is not truthful about his upbringing and citing his Connecticut residency as evidence. Casey has called out McCormick for these discrepancies, highlighting the importance of honesty in representing the people. Despite the attacks, McCormick asserts his Pennsylvania roots, military service, and job creation as qualifications for Senate.

As the campaigns continue to intensify, both candidates are trading accusations and trying to discredit each other. Casey’s campaign points to McCormick’s alleged falsehoods about his background and investments in Chinese military companies, while McCormick continues to criticize Casey’s alignment with liberal policies. With five months until the general election, the mudslinging shows no signs of slowing down as the candidates vie for Pennsylvania voters’ trust and support in a crucial Senate showdown in a key battleground state.

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