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RICHARD EDEN: Possible true motivations behind Charles’s attempt to remove Prince Andrew from Royal Lodge, according to his friends (and it’s not related to the Epstein scandal)



When it comes to confrontation, King Charles is known to loathe it. However, recent reports suggest that there is a growing dispute between him and his younger brother, Prince Andrew, over the fate of Royal Lodge, the residence that Andrew has called home for the past two decades. The King apparently wants Andrew to move out, sparking a ‘battle of wills’ between the two royals. The reason behind the King’s desire for Andrew to vacate Royal Lodge remains unclear, as money does not appear to be a motivating factor given the King’s wealth.

The Crown Estate, which owns Royal Lodge, has previously indicated that it would be appropriate for the property to remain in the occupancy of the Royal Family, rather than being let to a private tenant. There have been suggestions that Prince William and his family could potentially move into the 30-room residence, currently residing in Adelaide Cottage at Windsor. However, sources close to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge indicate that they are content with their current living situation and have no desire to move. Speculation has also arisen that the King may see Royal Lodge as a potential future home for Queen Camilla in the event of his passing.

The prospect of Camilla potentially residing at Royal Lodge raises questions about her status as a stepmother to King William in the event of her outliving the King. Charles is likely keen to ensure that Camilla is provided for and maintaining a ‘country’ bolthole in Windsor Great Park could be part of his plans. Despite owning her own country home, Ray Mill House in Wiltshire, it is difficult to imagine Camilla completely retreating from royal life, making Royal Lodge an appealing option for her to continue living like a queen.

The late Queen Mother’s association with Royal Lodge adds another layer of significance to the property, as it could potentially become the Queen Consort’s home in the future. Charles has made efforts to elevate Camilla’s status, culminating in the late Queen’s announcement that she should be known as Queen Consort upon Charles’ ascension to the throne. This decision, contrary to earlier statements indicating she would be known as Princess Consort, reflects Charles’ desire to ensure Camilla is treated with the respect and dignity fitting of her position. The potential for Royal Lodge to serve as Camilla’s future home underscores the King’s foresight in planning for all eventualities and ensuring the well-being of his loved ones.

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