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‘Roaring Kitty’ Appears to Have Kept Huge GameStop Stake After Monday’s Surge



Keith Gill, known as “DeepF——Value” on Reddit and “Roaring Kitty” on YouTube, is the figure behind the recent surge in GameStop’s stock price. He has held onto his large position in the video game retailer, owning 5 million shares and 120,000 call options with a strike price of $20 that expire on June 21, even after Monday’s significant rally. Gill’s portfolio screenshot, shared on Reddit’s r/SuperStonk forum, showed no changes in his holdings from the previous day.

Despite a 21% increase in GameStop’s stock price on Monday, with a peak of 70% intraday, Gill remained firm in his position. The stock was affected by a Wall Street Journal report stating that E-Trade, the brokerage Gill uses, is discussing potential action to ban him over concerns of market manipulation. However, Gill’s portfolio value rose from $115.7 million to $140 million in just one day, indicating his dedication to his investment.

Gill’s decision to hold onto his GameStop shares and call options has garnered attention as he continues to drive the meme stock craze. His latest Reddit post came shortly after the Wall Street Journal report, suggesting that even potential regulatory concerns could not shake his commitment to his investment. The authenticity of Gill’s post could not be verified independently by CNBC, but it did lead to a 4% increase in GameStop’s share price during after-hours trading.

The GameStop roller-coaster ride has captured the attention of investors and regulators alike, with Gill at the center of the frenzy. By refusing to sell his holdings despite market volatility and potential regulatory scrutiny, Gill has solidified his position as a key player in the meme stock phenomenon. His ability to influence stock prices through social media platforms like Reddit and YouTube has raised questions about market manipulation and the role of retail investors in the stock market.

As GameStop’s stock price continues to fluctuate, Gill’s steadfast commitment to his investment has made him a polarizing figure in the world of finance. While some applaud his determination and support his actions as a retail investor, others criticize his influence and question the sustainability of meme stock rallies. The ongoing saga of GameStop and Keith Gill highlights the intersection of social media, finance, and regulation in today’s digital age.

Whether Gill’s investment strategy will ultimately pay off or lead to potential regulatory action remains to be seen. As the GameStop saga unfolds, investors and regulators alike will be closely monitoring the actions of key players like Gill and their impact on the broader financial market. Despite the uncertainty surrounding meme stocks and the controversy surrounding their rise, one thing is clear: Keith Gill’s influence on GameStop’s stock price is undeniable, and his decisions continue to shape the narrative of the meme stock craze.

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