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Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds laugh about the ‘pressure’ from Wrexham games



Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, co-owners of Wrexham AFC, revealed on a recent episode of their show Welcome to Wrexham that the stress of the football season can sometimes be overwhelming for them. McElhenney shared that thinking about the last game of the season against Stockport causes him physical symptoms like styes in his eyes, while Reynolds joked about experiencing chest pain from the stress. Despite their anxieties, the duo remains committed to supporting their team through the ups and downs of the season.

During the episode, the focus shifted to player James McClean, who joined Wrexham in August 2023. McClean, a seasoned footballer who previously played in the Premier League, faced backlash and hate on social media after refusing to wear a poppy flower, a symbol of support for the British Army. The controversy surrounding McClean’s decision reflects the challenges and complexities of being a professional athlete, especially when personal beliefs clash with societal expectations.

Wrexham executive director, Humphrey Ker, highlighted the significance of signing McClean and the impact it had on the team. Despite the backlash he received, McClean remained steadfast in his beliefs, explaining that as an Irishman from Derry, the poppy flower symbolizes a painful chapter in his country’s history. His honesty and personal integrity make him a polarizing figure in the football world, but his dedication to the sport and his team is unwavering.

In addition to the drama surrounding McClean, the episode also featured an exciting announcement about the Wrexham women’s team. McElhenney shared that the team would be making history by playing in America for the first time ever. This milestone not only showcases the growth and diversity of the club but also underscores the commitment of the owners to support and promote women’s football on an international stage.

Despite the challenges and controversies that come with owning a football club, McElhenney and Reynolds remain passionate about their involvement with Wrexham AFC. Their dedication to the team and the community is evident in their willingness to navigate difficult situations, support their players, and push boundaries to create opportunities for growth and success. As the season unfolds, it is clear that the duo is fully invested in the journey and the future of Wrexham AFC.

As fans eagerly await the outcomes of the season and the continued evolution of the club, the emotional rollercoaster of being a football club owner is a testament to the resilience and determination required to succeed in the competitive world of professional sports. With each episode of Welcome to Wrexham offering new insights and revelations, the journey of McElhenney, Reynolds, and Wrexham AFC is sure to captivate audiences and leave them rooting for the underdog team that continues to defy expectations and make history.

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