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Ruth Langsford speaks out for the first time on Instagram following her surprising divorce from Eamonn Holmes after it’s revealed they lived apart for two years.



Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have recently announced their divorce after 14 years of marriage. Despite their separation, they are determined to remain friends and have been spending time with loved ones over the weekend. Ruth shared a video of herself walking their dog, Maggie, while Eamonn celebrated Manchester United’s FA Cup win on Instagram. The couple, who have been living separate lives for two years, decided to part ways after their careers took different directions.

Eamonn has faced challenges in the past few years, including losing his job on ITV’s This Morning, health issues, and the passing of his mother. Their relationship began to suffer after leaving the show and Eamonn’s desire to return to Belfast clashed with Ruth’s wish to stay in Surrey. Despite the challenges, both Eamonn and Ruth have mutually agreed to split and are preparing a statement to share the news with their followers.

The pair first met in 1997 and got married in 2010 after 13 years together. Their relationship was initially kept a secret, with Eamonn refusing to publicly confess his love for Ruth for two years. They welcomed their son, Jack, in 2002, and their relationship became public when they began co-hosting ITV’s This Morning in 2006. The couple have always been open about their relationship, including their occasional spats over trivial matters.

Ruth recently expressed concern for Eamonn’s health following his back surgery and ongoing mobility issues. She mentioned that he may never fully recover, but they continue to support each other as a family. Despite the challenges, their deep connection and love for each other remain strong. The couple has always been a beloved pair in the British public’s eyes and have garnered a large following over the years.

Their split comes after two years of difficulties, including Eamonn’s health issues and the couple leading separate lives both professionally and personally. They have been honest about their disagreements and challenges over the years but have always prioritized their love and respect for each other. Ruth and Eamonn’s decision to divorce is a mutual one, and they are focusing on maintaining their friendship and supporting each other during this transition period.

As they navigate their divorce process, Ruth and Eamonn are committed to staying friends and continuing their family dynamic. They have been a fixture in British television for many years and have won over many viewers while hosting This Morning and other shows. Their split has surprised and saddened many fans, but they are both grateful for the support and love they have received throughout their relationship.

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