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Ryan Reynolds reveals that his children take pride in their dual citizenship.



Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are proud dual citizens, raising their children in New York while maintaining strong ties to Canada. Reynolds revealed in a People interview with Hugh Jackman that their four children have Canadian passports and feel a real connection to their Canadian roots. The family has spent a significant amount of time in Vancouver, where Reynolds filmed the Deadpool movies and The Adam Project.

The couple’s daughters, Betty, Ines, and James, along with their youngest child, are proud to claim Canadian heritage, often telling people they are half Canadian, half American. Reynolds joked about not wanting eight kids, hinting at the possibility of expanding their family in the future. He mentioned in an interview with Vancouver Sun that they have been subtly looking for a home in British Columbia, with Lively being particularly drawn to Vancouver’s food scene.

Reynolds reflected on how his upbringing in Vancouver has shaped him and his career, crediting the city with providing him with tools to cope with challenges. He was recently appointed to the Order of British Columbia, recognizing his contributions to the community and his commitment to making a positive impact. Reynolds highlighted the sense of empathy and desire for a better world that he and his Canadian friends share.

In a recent People cover story with Jackman, Reynolds emphasized the importance of mutual support in his friendships, likening it to a successful partnership or marriage. He expressed his belief that genuine support and rooting for each other’s success are key to long-lasting relationships. Reynolds shared that he and Lively constantly support each other and are deeply connected, with a shared desire to see each other thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Overall, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s family values Canadian heritage and connection to Vancouver, where they have spent significant time. The couple’s children proudly identify as both Canadian and American, embracing their dual citizenship. Reynolds’ upbringing in Canada has instilled in him a sense of empathy and a desire to make a positive impact in the world, qualities he shares with his close friends and his wife, Blake Lively. Through mutual support and a shared commitment to each other’s success, Reynolds and Lively have cultivated a strong and lasting relationship, rooted in love and encouragement.

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