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Scenic view of Mount Fuji obstructed by black screen to discourage tourists



Kawaguchiko, a town known for its scenic views of Mount Fuji, is facing challenges due to an influx of tourists. The local officials have decided to take action by constructing a large, black screen to block the view of the mountain. This decision comes after numerous complaints about misbehaving foreign tourists, including littering, ignoring traffic rules, and trespassing into private properties. Despite the surge in visitors, some business owners are concerned about the impact on the town’s infrastructure and the safety of residents.

The sudden popularity of a particular photo spot showcasing Mount Fuji from a unique angle has attracted huge crowds, mainly foreign tourists, to the area. Residents have raised concerns about the excessive foot traffic blocking narrow walkways, posing safety risks, and disrupting the local community. Previous attempts to address these issues, such as multilingual signs and hiring a security guard, have proven ineffective. As a last resort, authorities have decided to install a 2.5-meter high, 20-meter long black mesh net to block the view of Mount Fuji.

Despite the town’s efforts to manage the influx of tourists, some visitors believe that the black screen is an overreaction. Concerns have been raised about the negative impact on tourism and the inconvenience caused to travelers seeking the perfect photo opportunity. The increase in foreign visitors to Japan following the lifting of pandemic restrictions has posed challenges for popular tourist destinations, leading to conflicts between residents and tourists. The government is keen on attracting more tourists, but the issue of overcrowding and misbehavior remains a growing concern for local communities.

As a business owner in Kawaguchiko, Michie Motomochi is uncertain about how effective the black screen will be in controlling the flow of tourists in the town. The decision to block the view of Mount Fuji may deter some visitors from visiting the area, forcing them to seek alternative locations for capturing the perfect shot. The debate over tourism management and balancing the needs of residents with the demands of visitors continues to be a pressing issue for destinations like Kawaguchiko. Amidst the challenges, finding a sustainable solution that benefits both the local community and tourists remains a priority for authorities.

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