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School district investigation sparked by art show featuring racist LeBron James poster



A recent incident involving a racist poster featuring LeBron James sparked an investigation in a New York school district. The poster, created by a student in a junior high art class in the New Hartford Central School District, was displayed at the New Hartford Festival of the Arts. The controversial poster featured the Lakers star in a fictional cereal box for “Monkey Premium Cereal,” with a tagline that read, “Eat Monkeys, Jump Like Monkeys!” The display immediately went viral, causing outrage online.

Superintendent of Schools Cosimo Tangorra Jr. expressed disappointment in the creation and display of the racist work, stating that it was disheartening that such a thing was allowed to happen. The district is committed to creating a supportive learning environment where everyone feels respected, included, and safe. Tangorra acknowledged that there are students, families, staff, and community members who may not feel safe, accepted, or welcome as a result of the incident, and it is crucial for the school community to take action to address these issues.

The student who made the poster and the staff members who oversaw its creation and display at the art show have been contacted for further investigation. Despite the controversy, LeBron James has not publicly commented on the incident. The incident has drawn attention to issues of racism and discrimination in schools and the need for increased education, dialogue, and action to ensure that all students and their families feel valued and respected in the community.

New Hartford, where the incident took place, is located about 250 miles north of New York City. The school district’s response to the incident will play a crucial role in addressing the underlying issues and fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for all members of the community. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing racism and discrimination in schools and promoting a culture of respect, acceptance, and understanding.

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