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Seattle-based startup Humanly acquires Teamable to enhance recruitment technology.



Humanly, a Seattle-based startup that helps companies automate their recruiting functions, recently announced its acquisition of Teamable, a San Francisco startup with similar AI-boosted HR tools. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Humanly CEO Prem Kumar stated that the acquisition would redefine talent acquisition by providing customers with the tools to not only find the best candidates but also engage and convert them effectively.

With the acquisition of Teamable, Humanly aims to make the process of finding qualified candidates seamless, eliminating manual effort in between. Teamable CEO Matthew Raymond will join Humanly as the vice president of product. Teamable was originally founded in 2017 and was previously led by Justin Palmer, who is now the CTO of Clara AI. Following the acquisition, Humanly will have just under 50 employees.

Humanly’s platform allows customers to screen job candidates, schedule interviews, automate initial communication, run reference checks, and more. The Seattle startup raised $12 million in funding almost a year ago. In the current tech downturn that began in 2022, some recruiting companies have been forced to cut costs or lay off workers. For example, jobs site Indeed laid off 8% of its workforce, and Seattle startup SeekOut also laid off staff.

The acquisition of Teamable by Humanly positions the combined entity to offer a comprehensive solution for companies looking to streamline their recruiting processes. This move signals Humanly’s commitment to innovation and growth in the competitive HR tech industry. By bringing together the expertise of both teams, Humanly is poised to provide customers with a powerful set of tools to enhance their talent acquisition strategies.

As companies continue to navigate the challenges of the current economic climate, having efficient and effective recruiting processes is more critical than ever. By leveraging AI and automation, Humanly helps organizations save time and resources while identifying and engaging top talent. The acquisition of Teamable further strengthens Humanly’s position as a leader in the HR tech space, offering customers cutting-edge solutions to drive recruitment success.

With a focus on redefining talent acquisition, Humanly is dedicated to helping companies find the best candidates and convert them into valuable team members. By automating key aspects of the recruitment process, Humanly enables businesses to focus on building strategic relationships with potential hires. The addition of Teamable’s technology and team members will enhance Humanly’s capabilities and solidify its position as a game-changer in the recruiting software market.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Teamable by Humanly represents a significant step forward for both companies in their mission to revolutionize talent acquisition. By combining forces, Humanly and Teamable are poised to deliver unparalleled value to customers seeking innovative solutions to their recruiting challenges. With a focus on automation, AI, and user-friendly interfaces, Humanly continues to lead the way in transforming the recruitment landscape for the better.

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