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See the Ferrari 296 GTB reaching a top speed of 218 MPH on the Autobahn



The Ferrari 296 GTB, a mid-engine supercar, boasts a top speed that exceeds 205 mph, as per official specifications. However, a recent video by AutoTopNL shows that this powerful vehicle can go much faster. In the video, the Ferrari reaches 205 mph in just 21 seconds from a standstill, demonstrating its impressive acceleration and speed capabilities. With a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine producing 654 horsepower and an additional electric motor, the total output of the 296 GTB reaches 818 hp, making it a truly formidable hybrid.

During the top speed run in the video, the Ferrari’s digital readout climbs gradually, reaching 352 kph towards the end of the run. While there may be some margin of error at such high speeds, the performance of the 296 GTB is undeniable. The engine’s 120-degree configuration allows for an 8,500-rpm redline, delivering a thrilling V-12-like sound. Equipped with an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox sending power to the rear wheels, the 296 GTB achieves its top speed in seventh gear during the run. The video showcases the car’s impressive speed and performance capabilities, hinting at the potential for even faster models in the future.

The combination of a powerful internal combustion engine and an electric motor in the Ferrari 296 GTB results in a seamless and exhilarating driving experience. The hybrid powertrain not only boosts performance but also enhances the vehicle’s overall efficiency and emissions profile. With Ferrari’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering, it is likely that future iterations of the 296 GTB will feature even more advanced technologies and higher power outputs. The video of the 296 GTB’s top speed run highlights the car’s incredible speed and performance, signaling its status as a true speed demon on the road.

Overall, the Ferrari 296 GTB’s top speed run in the video demonstrates the remarkable capabilities of this high-performance supercar. With its impressive acceleration, powerful engine, and hybrid powertrain, the 296 GTB showcases Ferrari’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance in their vehicles. As one of the fastest cars in Ferrari’s lineup, the 296 GTB is a testament to the brand’s legacy of creating some of the most desirable and high-performance vehicles in the world. The video serves as a tantalizing preview of what the future may hold for Ferrari’s supercar lineup, promising even more thrilling and awe-inspiring models to come.

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