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Shaun White Amuses Girlfriend Nina Dobrev With ‘Vampire Diaries’ Sweatshirt



In a heartwarming video shared by actress Nina Dobrev on her Instagram page, her boyfriend, Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, can be seen making her laugh as he struts around in a sweatshirt featuring Dobrev’s character, Elena Gilbert, from the hit TV show Vampire Diaries. The loving gesture from White showcases his playful side and deep connection with Dobrev. The duo’s relationship seems to be filled with laughter and affection, as evident from the clip where Dobrev affectionately calls White “Gilly” in response to his antics.

However, the couple recently faced a setback when Dobrev suffered an injury in a dirt biking accident. The actress shared updates on her recovery journey on social media, reassuring fans that she was okay but faced a long road to recovery. White showed his support by humorously commenting on Dobrev’s posts, keeping the mood light-hearted despite the challenging situation. Their bond seems to be strengthened through adversity, with White standing by Dobrev’s side as she navigates her healing process.

Prior to Dobrev’s accident, the couple had been enjoying their time together, ticking off items on their bucket list following White’s retirement in 2022. They had embarked on various adventures, including trips to Antarctica, Dubai, Monaco, and Indonesia, showcasing their shared love for exploration and experiences. White’s dedication to spending quality time with Dobrev highlights the depth of their relationship and how they prioritize each other’s company above all else.

As Dobrev continues to recover from her injury, White remains a pillar of strength and support, embodying the true essence of a supportive partner. Their journey together seems to be filled with laughter, love, and a sense of adventure that keeps their bond strong. Despite the challenges they may face, Dobrev and White’s relationship appears to thrive, with their shared experiences and mutual admiration for each other serving as the foundation for their enduring love story. The couple’s ability to find joy and humor in the midst of difficulties is a testament to the strength of their connection and the depth of their affection for each other.

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