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Sky’s Angel Reese receives criticism for cheering Caitlin Clark’s hard foul and delivering a rough box out



In a recent game between the Chicago Sky and the Indiana Fever, rookie Angel Reese faced backlash on social media for her actions on the court. During a heated moment between her teammate Chennedy Carter and Caitlin Clark, Reese was seen cheering on Carter after a hard hip-check on Clark. Later in the game, Reese knocked Clark down while attempting to block out, leading to further criticism. Despite the social media storm, Clark chose not to retaliate against any Sky players and focused on letting her play do the talking. Indiana ultimately emerged victorious in the game, marking their first win in the WNBA Commissioner’s Cup.

The incident between Carter, Clark, and Reese sparked controversy among social media users, with many criticizing Reese’s actions on the court. The rookie player was accused of supporting what some viewed as a “cheap shot” by Carter against Clark. Despite the public scrutiny, Carter chose not to address the incident and instead focused on her team’s performance in the game. Clark, on the other hand, maintained her composure and emphasized the importance of staying focused on the game rather than engaging in unnecessary confrontations.

The game between the Chicago Sky and the Indiana Fever was part of the WNBA Commissioner’s Cup, an in-season tournament where teams play five games against their conference rivals. The team with the best record from each conference will compete in the final for a chance to win $500,000 in prize money. Indiana’s victory over Chicago marked their first win in the Commissioner’s Cup, setting the stage for an exciting competition among WNBA teams. The tournament takes place over a two-week period, offering fans and players an opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for the prestigious title.

As the controversy surrounding Angel Reese’s actions continues to unfold, it provides a glimpse into the competitive and intense nature of professional sports. In the high-stakes world of the WNBA, tensions can run high on the court, leading to heated moments and intense rivalries between players and teams. While social media may offer a platform for fans to voice their opinions and criticisms, ultimately, it is the players’ performance on the court that will determine the outcome of the game.

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