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All about James Maddison’s goal celebration and why he performs it



GOAL celebrations have become a staple of modern football, with many players adopting their own, unique gestures to acknowledge their successes.

Tottenham Hotspur’s James Maddison is one of several football stars who have become known for their trademark moves – and has even had his celebration copied by another player.

What is James Maddison’s celebration?

James Maddison‘s celebration sees him moving his arm as if he is throwing a dart at a dartboard.

He performs the darts throw celebration as he is an avid fan, and player, of the sport.

Maddison regularly attends darts events and has spoken about his love for playing darts himself.


Other football players who have famous celebrations include Jude Bellingham, John McGinn and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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McGinn’s trademark celebration sees him making goggles with his hands in tribute to his nephew who has poor eyesight.

Bellingham, meanwhile, has his own gesture which sees him standing with his arms wide open.

Ronaldo has performed his now infamous “Siu” celebration many times over the years though he appears to have taken on a new one since his move to Al-Nassr.

When does James Maddison perform his celebration?

Maddison performs his darts celebration after scoring a goal.

He first started doing the gesture while playing for Leicester and performed the move for the first time after scoring against Newcastle.

According to the Premier League’s official website, midfielder Maddison has scored 46 goals in 174 appearances.


He signed for Tottenham in June 2023, signing a five year deal for an undisclosed amount – which was rumoured to be upwards of £40million.

Prior to the Spurs, Maddison played for Leicester City for five years.

It was with Leicester that he scored his first Premier League goal in a 2–0 win against the Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Maddison, who has also played for Aberdeen and Norwich City, has also had an impressive international career.

He made his debut for England in 2019 and was named in the 26-man squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, though he did not play in the tournament.

What has James Maddison said about his celebration?

Maddison has spoken out about his beloved goal celebration.

Speaking to Sky Sports about the gesture he said: “The first time I did it was Newcastle away and it was during the Worlds.


“It was very much a topic of conversation and me and a few of the lads; Jamie Vardy, Luke Thomas and Harvey Barnes, we play darts all the time. 

“Every away trip we get the board up when we’ve got time to kill and we play. 

“I’ve got a board at home and I practice all the time!”

Bukayo Saka was seen copying Maddison’s famous darts move during the North London derby in September 2023.

While it may have looked like the Arsenal star was mocking Maddison, it turned out it was just some fun between the rival players.

Maddison explained to press: “Me and Bukayo had a bit of banter and a bit of trash-talking, if you like, on international duty. 

“I got told that he did the darts celebration – he must’ve still been doing it when I turned him for the first goal.”


He then jokingly added: I’ll have a little word with him, yeah.”

Speaking to Sky Sports, Maddison added of Saka’s darts technique: “His action was terrible though, wasn’t it?!”

Source: The Sun

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