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Dana White slams ‘one of the worst’ refereeing displays as fighter is battered



DANA WHITE fumed at “one of the worst” refereeing displays he has seen after a defenceless fighter was pummelled on the floor.

Jalin Turner floored Bobby Green after a one-two combination which appeared to put the lightweight out.

But Green did manage to cover up on the floor while Turner pounded away on top of him.

Turner then landed a series of unanswered and undefended strikes as Green laid on the ground defenceless.

It took ref Kerry Hatley an age to finally step in leaving fans and viewers enraged at the dangerously late stoppage.


And UFC president White spoke out to condemn the officiating.

He said: “o”One of the worst I’ve ever seen.

“The difference is we’ve had some refs say some dumb s*** in the past, like, ‘I allowed her to be a warrior tonight,’ and goofy s*** like that.

“He knows he made a mistake tonight and does not feel not feel good about it, so it’s unfortunate.”

White added: “Definitely a bad stoppage. Very bad.”

Green, 37, was on a two-fight winning streak before his first-round defeat to Turner, 28.

But he appeared in good spirits after the savage stoppage as he spoke out on Instagram.


Green said: “You win some, you lose some.

“I guess I shouldn’t show people if you gotta’ keep it G when you win, you gotta’ keep it G when you lose.

“Shout out to Jalin. You did your thing, brother. I’m so happy for you. To all my people, another step in the career.

“There’s ups, there’s downs. I’mma’ keep it going. I ain’t going nowhere.”

Turner celebrates his victory over Green

Source: The Sun


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