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Dani Alves’ bombshell letter to estranged wife revealed as he festers in jail



DANI Alves’ letter to his estranged wife has been revealed as he remains behind bars following allegations he raped a woman in a nightclub.

The former Barcelona football star penned a heartfelt letter to his ex-wife Joana Sanz, 29, from the Brian 2 prison where he’s being held with sex assault charges.

Joana visited him in the Brian 2 prison in Catalonia
Alves has penned a letter to his ex-wife following their breakup

The 39-year-old is said to have gone on a hunger strike after the model, who visited him in jail last month, left him over allegations he attacked a woman at a Barcelona nightclub at the end of last year.

The former Brazil star who is “completely devastated and very nervous” following the end of his marriage according to sources, has penned a letter to his ex-wife expressing “his regret.”

The handwritten note to Joana who last week announced the couple’s breakup on Instagram, was revealed by the Spanish TV show Y ahora Sonsoles.


It reads: “My dear Joana, it was almost eight years of much love, affection, respect and mutual care.

Dani Alves asks to be kept in ‘solitary’ after split from wife over rape charge
Dani Alves’ wife ‘demands divorce’ after star’s nightclub ‘sex assault'

“Especially the last years by your side everything seemed easier and more pleasant.

“You and my children, Dani Filho and Victoria, were the best thing that happened to me in my life.

“We have grown together since the day we met, from the first minute we started a life together.

“We accompanied each other all those years. Strengthening and nurturing each other’s lives.

“Now, in these difficult moments, I regret your decision and I long for life to give us another chance for me to love you again.

“I understand the pain that the unjust situation we are living is causing and I understand that you have not been able to withstand all the pressure.

“The facts of which I am accused are foreign to me, and to the values that have guided my life: love, respect and effort.


“I will continue to fight as I have always done with the support of those who are by my side to show my innocence to the whole world.

“I will fight to the end with the unconditional love of my children, my parents and those who continue to be by my side, to soon prove my innocence to the whole world.”

Alves’ accuser previously claimed the football star slapped her and raped her in the bathroom of nightclub Sutton in Barcelona in the early hours of December 31.

She is also said to have described seeing the footballer’s intimate tattoo while he was partly undressed.

The tearful woman is said to have immediately told her friends what happened, and bouncers then alerted police.

Alves admitted to cops he had sex with the woman but says it was consensual and denies rape.

Before his arrest, he had claimed he had never met his accuser.


He was arrested on January 20 and remains behind bars after a judge ruled he should be kept in custody.

Mexican club the Pumas terminated his contract after he was held in custody – and now they are reportedly seeking £4million in damages from him for breach of contract.

Alves’ ex-wife Joanna spoke of her heartbreak following his arrest, which came days after her mother died.

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She said at the time: “I have lost the only two pillars in my life.”

No date has been set for Alves’ trial.

Joana announced their breakup on social media

Source: The Sun


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