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England heroes totally unrecognisable in amazing throwback to old video games



USUALLY every England football star is instantly recognisable in their Three Lions kit.

But it will take some serious skill to be able to name all 11 of this group of legends – thanks to some questionable video games graphics of yesteryear.

Brilliant throwback snaps of FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer and Three Lions from years gone by show a host of recent top internationals representing their country.

And some are so obscure you might be confused even when you see the answers.


The goalkeeper with his slicked-back hair and short sleeves is pretty difficult to identify.

The mystery goalkeeper looks rather scary

He features in the 2010 World Cup version of the game where he was third-choice stopper behind Rob Green and David James.

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After coming through at Shrewsbury, he spent the majority of his career with Manchester City and is now with Celtic.

Answer: Joe Hart

Joe Hart made 75 England appearances


A reliable right-back for many years and still a familiar face on our TV screens.

This generic face could be plenty of different players

But the Pro Evo 2 game released in 2002 has done him no favours with this generic depiction.

He earned 85 caps across 12 years and boasts a superb trophy cabinet at club-level, too.


Answer: Gary Neville

It is actually ex-Man Utd man Gary Neville


A team-mate of Neville’s for club and country – not that these horrendous graphics on the Three Lions game from 1998 help in any way.

Good luck guessing who this is

The pixelated screen and dodgy shapes have left many scratching their head working this one out – but may be helped by knowing he is now a BT Sport pundit.

Answer: Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand might not be best pleased even with the terrible graphics


Another man who swapped the centre of defence for a seat in the studio alongside Nev.

Even the shirt is all over the place on this player

The pair never saw eye-to-eye at club level due to their fierce rivalry.

But this man has surely come off worse with his PES 2 character – as has his England kit.

Answer: Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher did wear that iconic 2002 World Cup kit


Okay, he was never really a left-back – more of a centre-back or holding midfielder but we have shoehorned him into the team.

Apparently there is an ex-England player here

Good luck with this one, though, as this player’s profile looks more like an explosion of colour on Art Attack.

The big clue is that this man is still very much involved in England matters – despite winning his 57th and final cap in 2004.

Answer: Gareth Southgate

It is the Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate


A three-man midfield is anchored by someone born in Canada – and the likeness is a world away from the real thing.

This player actually had curly hair

He starred at the 2006 World Cups and his lovely curls are replaced by a set of curtains on PES 2.

Answer: Owen Hargreaves

The midfielder is Owen Hargreaves


Another midfielder, another set of curtains – although this hero definitely burst on to the scene rocking the retro hairstyle he has been given on the 2002 World Cup game.

At least this man did start out with curtains

That is despite not actually making the final 23-man squad for the tournament in Japan and South Korea.

He went on to make 106 England appearances, though, to go with his 915 club games in England, Wales and America.

Answer: Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard did not go to the 2002 World Cup but made it on the game


Completing the trio is one of two current England players – not that it is clear who.

Even with new graphics, no one is guessing this

And there is no excuse on the PES 2014 game with graphics far better than at the turn of the century.

The kit from the 150th FA anniversary in 2013 looks good – the ex-Sunderland star less so.


Answer: Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson is one the two players still in the England team


In fairness, this superstar has had his fair share of different looks over the years.

No sponsors, no hair, no features, no clue

Pro Evo played it safe with his bald, skin-head style.

Yet there is absolutely no likeness to one of the best-looking and most famous footballers to pull on the Three Lions shirt – and he did so 115 times.

Answer: David Beckham

It is only the most famous England footballer in David Beckham


Another ace done over big time by the Three Lions graphics is this team’s No9.

This striker celebrates his goal on the Three Lions game

This shocker shows a huge hand raised in celebration and funny-shaped head with apparently a goalkeeper, defender and goal in the background.


He was limited to just 33 caps in the 1990s but did not feature at a major tournament for his country.

Answer: Ian Wright

Ian Wright did not get as many chances as he would have wanted for England


We may well have saved the worst until last with this horror show of a video game effort.

This is arguably the worst depiction of all even with the relatively-recent graphics

His PES 2013 likeness – or lack of likeness – looks more like Joleon Lescott than the actual player it is meant to be, another player still involved in the team.

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The winger burst on the scene and is now one of the most instantly-recognisable players in English football with 81 caps and appearances at five major tournaments – not that you would know it from this version of him.

Answer: Raheem Sterling

It is supposed to be Raheem Sterling

Source: The Sun


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