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Ex-NFL QB Boomer Esiason says Barstool founder and Washington Post saga highlights ‘woke aspect of this world’



Former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason shared his thoughts on the situation between Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy and a reporter.

Portnoy, who recently regained full ownership of the company from Penn Entertainment, is scheduled to host a “One Bite Pizza Festival” in Brooklyn, New York, this weekend. More than 30 pizzerias will be featured at the event, according to advertisements. The festival will also include live music and other entertainment. 

A Washington Post reporter is accused of sending emails that targeted some of the pizza chains that were sponsorship partners of the event. Portnoy took issue with the alleged action and contacted the reporter. He then posted a recorded version of the phone conversation on social media.

Esiason described the details from the recorded phone conversation with the reporter an “absolute, obvious” example of what Esiason labeled “cancel culture syndrome.”

Boomer Esiason attends the 2022 Paramount Upfront at 666 Madison Avenue May 18, 2022, in New York City. (Arturo Holmes/WireImage)


The often outspoken Esiason, who was named the NFL MVP in 1988, argued Portnoy would not call the newspaper’s advertisers.

“The real question is do you think Dave Portnoy has ever called somebody who’s advertising within the Washington Post and says, ‘Do you know what these people are doing behind the backs of everyone else?’” Esiason posited. “It’s a one-way street.’


 Esiason also claimed the incident was an example of being “woke.” 

“This is basically proof positive of what the woke aspect of this world is all about, right there,” Esiason said.

Boomer Esiason in WFAN studio

WFAN Host Boomer Esiason wearing his Rangers jersey on his radio show at the WFAN  studio.  (Marcus Santos/NY Daily News via Getty Images)

Shortly after the phone call surfaced on social media, Portnoy said the reporter canceled a previously scheduled interview while they were on the phone. He added that he was asked to reschedule.

It remains unclear whether any festival sponsors have decided to opt out of the event.

Portnoy at event

Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy attends an event. (Jeff Bottari/Getty Images)

According to a screenshot Portnoy published on the Barstool website, the reporter sent an email explaining what she may have been seeking comment on from advertisers.

“We are planning to write about the festival and how some of the sponsors and participants have drawn criticism by seeming to associate themselves with Dave Portnoy, who has a history of misogynistic comments and other problematic behavior.”

Portnoy also told the reporter he didn’t think the Post was going to give him a fair shake and said it seemed like the reporter was trying to “shame sponsors” of the pizza festival for being associated with him. 

The Washington Post did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. Portnoy also did not respond to a request for comment.

 Fox News’ Hanna Panreck contributed to this report.


Source: Fox News

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