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Fans rage as Joey Barton ‘throws his OWN player under the bus’ in brutal rant



BRISTOL ROVERS boss Joey Barton has been slammed by his own fans after a brutal rant at player Luke Thomas.

The League One side lost 2-0 to Peterborough on Saturday and the outspoken manager’s frustrations boiled over in a post-match interview.

Luke Thomas played on when injured

Barton initially lamented bad luck over missed chances in the first-half before turning on Thomas to blame him for the defeat.

The former Manchester City and Newcastle midfielder ranted and threatened to fine him.

Barton told to the BBC: “We had a mountain to climb due to Luke Thomas’ decision to play on in the second-half. I’ve never known anything like it.


“He reported he was a bit stiff one minute before we are going back out, having had 13 minutes to speak to the physios.

“He was told to go out and test it. But two minutes into the second-half his side is compromised because he can’t run, he feels the hamstring.

“In his infinite wisdom, I don’t know why he presses the ball and doesn’t sit on the pitch so the ref can stop the game and we can get the sub on.

“In the midst of that chaotic spell of two minutes, we are compromised from within and they score the second goal.

“I wish I could fine him and I’ll be speaking to the CEO about that because it’s a ludicrous decision, he shouldn’t get paid this week for what he’s done because he has put us 2-0 down.


“It’s frustrating, we have got to be better than that. You come to a good place like Peterborough, you can’t play with ten men, especially in wide areas because they will punish you.”


Asked if it was a mistake caused by the 24-year-old’s inexperience, Barton snapped back, continuing: “When does young man stop?

“How many times can we put his lethargy in moments down to being young? At some point the penny has got to drop.

“If you are injured, fine, come off the pitch, nobody has got a problem with that.

“Going back out and making stupid decisions just compromises your team-mates and all our hard work is undone because of a decision by one of our players.

“I’m so frustrated with him, we have given him enormous backing at this club and he lets himself down with stupidity.”

In another interview he called Thomas “one idiotic young boy – I can’t even call him a man.”

Bristol Rovers fans felt sorry for the midfielder as they slammed Barton for throwing him under the bus.


One said: “This is horrible. Thomas had been amazing this season and I’m sure Rovers fans won’t be holding this against him.”

Another added: “Very poor, been one of if not the best player for us these season. Not a fan of that.”

A third commented: “Joey Barton throwing arguably our best player this season under the bus is a disgrace. Guy has worked hard every game this season and deserves credit, not criticism.”

More raged: “You can be the best manager in the world, but if you throw your players under the bus like this the dressing room very quickly turns on you. A manager throwing excuses instead of looking at himself.”

Barton has previously caused controversy over remarks made post-match, once using the term “holocaust” to describe a performance and he also revealed he regretted extending one player’s contract.

Source: The Sun


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