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Fans say Ronaldo ‘misses Portugal’s old generation’ as he gives camera look



FANS reckon Cristiano Ronaldo “missed Portugal’s old generation”.

That’s after he gave the camera a puzzled look as Bruno Fernandes and Ruben Dias talked passionately in the tunnel.

The ace gave a wry smile, with some fans speculating he 'misses Portugal's old generation'

The incident occurred during the break at Sunday’s 2-0 win over Iceland.

Goals from Fernandes and Ricardo Horta sealed another victory for Roberto Martinez’s side.

But with Portugal struggling to take their chances in the first half, players gathered in the tunnel for a pep talk before heading back onto the pitch.


Manchester United captain Fernandes and Man City defender Ruben Dias could be seen engaged in a tense discussion as teammates watched on.

One of those taking it all in was national team skipper Ronaldo, who now plies his trade in Saudi Arabia with Al-Nassr.

But the legendary striker appeared bemused while watching Fernandes and Dias’ conversation.

And Ronaldo turned on his heels while bearing a wry grin as he walked out of the tunnel and onto the field.

Supporters were quick to take note of his body language and facial expression, with many reckoning Ronnie is yearning for the old days of international football.


One said: “You can see the goat misses the old generation.


“Diogo Dalot and Otavio are probably the only two from this generation that Cristiano is close with.

“We need Pepe back too, he is a REAL one!”

Another declared: “Man is lost listening.”

One added: “Bruno believes himself to be the captain.”

But Portugal boss Martinez downplayed any talk of Ronaldo being unsettled, saying: “Cristiano Ronaldo is as hungry as an 18-year-old player.

“He is a role model, he always tries to be in the right position and is looking for the goal.”

Source: The Sun


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