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How do rugby bonus points work and is rule used in the Six Nations?



THE Six Nations has returned to our screens – and it is expected to be very competitive as always.

France will be determined to reclaim their crown from the 2022 edition but they’ll face stiff competition from England, who face Scotland today, and the number one team in the world, Ireland, who take on Wales.


How do you get a bonus point in the Six Nations?

Six Nations teams receive four points for a win, two points for a draw and nothing for a defeat by more than eight points.

A team will receive ONE extra point if they score four or more tries in a single match, and ONE extra point if they lose by eight or less.


The system has been used for the past few years in Six Nations, as England claimed the title in 2020.

In a Six Nations first, bonus points were awarded in 2017 in what was designed to be a three-year trial run.

But due to its overwhelming success in encouraging attacking, engaging rugby, that trial has now been scrapped and the system brought in permanently.

How many points do teams get for a win?

Teams get four points for a win and zero for a loss.

That means the most points a winning team can get is five, while a losing team can still pick up up to two points.

Two points are given if a match is tied, meaning teams involved in drawn matches get three points if they score four tries.

Source: The Sun


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