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I streaked at the 2019 Champs League final – but I have a different career now



THE streaker from the 2019 Champions League final is now a helicopter pilot.

Kinsey Wolanski, 26, grabbed the attention of the footballing world when she ran on the pitch during the game between Tottenham and Liverpool in Madrid.

The American influencer shot to fame when streaking during the 2019 Champions League final
Kinsey shared a video of herself flying a helicopter
She ran on the pitch during the 2019 Champions League final to promote her former partner's adult website Vitaly Uncensored
Kinsey ran on to the pitch in a skimpy swimsuit

The ex-girlfriend and accomplice of YouTube star Vitaly Zdorovetskiy promoted her former partner’s adult website Vitaly Uncensored when entering the field in a skimpy swimsuit.

Now, nearly four years on, Kinsey has turned her back on the adult industry and has secured her pilot’s licence.

Kinsey shared details of the year-and-a-half process on her TikTok account.


She uploaded a video of herself flying a helicopter and revealed getting her licence involved passing three exams.

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And Kinsey labelled it “one of the most challenging but rewarding” things she has ever done.

She wrote in her video: “Getting my pilot’s license was one of the most challenging but rewarding things I have ever done.

“I flew 112 hours before taking my flight check ride exam.

“You have to pass three exams, [an] intense written exam, [an] oral exam on the ground, and lastly the inflight exam.


“The entire process took me one-and-a-half years.”

Kinsey has built a huge social media following since her Champions League final exploits.


Her TikoTok and Instagram accounts – which have 3 and 3.6million followers respectively – blew up after her streaking stunt.

Speaking after being released from a Spanish jail cell, Wolanski said: “By the time I’m 30 I plan on making enough money to retire.

“And streaking at the Champions League will only help me achieve that.

“I plan to do a lot more streaking to raise my profile.

“After I was released from jail I had gone from 300,000 followers on Instagram to over two million.

Kinsey has built a huge social media following since her Champions League final exploits
Kinsey has 3million followers on TikTok and 3.6million followers on Instagram
Back in January, she launched her own OnlyFans account

“You can’t buy that kind of publicity.

“Suddenly I was famous all over the world and had job offers flooding in.


“I don’t think I did anyone any harm, it was just a bit of fun.”

In her Insta bio, Wolanski describes herself as an “adventure addict” and “Helicopter pilot”.

Back in January, the American influencer launched her own raunchy OnlyFans account.

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Wolanski, however, won’t be pulling off any saucy streaking antics at tonight’s Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter Milan.

The buxom blonde is currently on holiday with her family to attend her sister’s wedding.

Source: The Sun


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