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Inside Britain’s richest gypsy Alfie Best’s private golf course with 140 acres & luxury lodges – here’s how to visit



BRITAIN’S richest gypsy Alfie Best is the proud owner of a private golf course – and anyone can pop in for a round.

With a net worth of £740million Alfie was easily able to snap up the 140-acre green in 2017 – saving it from closure.

Sapey Golf Club is set high in the rolling hills of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire
He snapped up the 140-acres in 2017
Alfie also owns four luxury lodges - each with their own hot tub on the site
Brits can get a feel for his high-roller lifestyle by playing a round on his course

Now it’s the crown jewel of his empire – which includes his residential park homes, Wyldecrest Parks, that made £32million last year alone.

He is now on track to be crowned the world’s first gypsy billionaire as early as next year.

Golfing fans are able to get a taste of his luxury lifestyle on his green in the rolling hills of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.


The Sun was offered an exclusive tour of the site – which boasts two picturesque courses and a number of beautiful lakes.

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Sapey Golf and Country Club even has a top-of-the-range golf simulator as used by professionals.

It means players can play a variety of courses from around the world indoors – and tuck into some drinks and grub between holes.

You don’t even need to be a member to play – as they accepted visitor bookings from £25.

Alfie also owns four luxury lodges on the outskirts of the award-winning golf course.

Guests each have their own private hot tub to take in glorious views whilst relaxing. 

And they may even see a hare or a muntjac deer wandering by day and at night – and barn owls often sit on the deck posts to survey the area.

However, Alfie’s childhood was a world away from luxury lodges.


He was brought up living in a caravan on a lay-by with an outdoor campfire as a stove. But his childhood was happy, he shares.

He told The Sun: “There was nothing wrong with how I was living – if I’m honest with you.

“I hear all these sob stories about how people were living hard lives.

“But they never fail to tell you that they now know different.

“I didn’t see anything wrong with the way I was brought up.

“Our kitchen was a cooking pan and a pot outside on an open fire. That was our cooking stove.

“I thought there was nothing wrong with it. People pay to go camping. It’s what you’re used to.

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“We lived in a small caravan, me, my dad and my mum. Three of us. By small I’m talking ten foot long.

“We always had food in the cupboard – but we’d go out with our lurcher dog and what we killed, we’d eat.

You don’t even need to be a member to play - as they accepted visitor bookings from £25
A number of beautiful lakes are scattered along the course
Alfie is set to become a billionaire next year

Source: The Sun

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