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Inside the abandoned horse racing track which is now a time capsule



THIS abandoned race track in Vermont used to host horse and greyhound races until being shut down in the 1990s. 

Green Moutain racetrack was built in Pownal, Vermont, in 1963 and was run by the dean of New England racing and still stands today but is now an abandoned wasteland.

The building still stands and is a mess
Greyhound racing was allowed here

The racetrack was opened and backed by a notable dealmaker in the New Jersey area named Lou Smith, also known as “Uncle Lou.”

The track struggled in its first few years open, and employees were laid off, forcing the business model to change and the opened twilight racing.

Business picked up with the change and introduced Sunday horse racing in 1968.


In 1973 the Rooney family, owners of the Pittsburg Steelers, took over ownership of the track — eventually selling the place years later.

Green Mountain also made history in 1976, when it became the first place to run thoroughbreds, standardbreds, and canines.

The racetrack continued for the next 15 years as one of the lowest-level greyhound tracks in the country before ending racing for good in 1992.

The property hosted a few outdoor concert festivals like Lollapalooza in the 1990s but ultimately fell into ruin. 

Green Mountain is located in the middle of nowhere. There are no interstate highways within 35 miles in any direction, and it now stands as an abandoned dump.

A once beautiful five-story building that hosted thousands of races is now covered in graffiti and trash.

Abonded chairs line up outside the perimeter of the building, and the track is covered entirely by brush.


A broken escalator sits eerily in the dirt-covered walls, and the stairs are lined with grass seeping through the floor.

The pool still exists in Vermont; by the looks, it is a place you should avoid.

The stands are covered in dirt
Chairs are scattered throughout the building
Concerts were held here in the 1990s

Source: The Sun

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