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John Cena hints he’s NOT retiring after SHOCK WrestleMania loss to Austin Theory



WWE legend John Cena hinted he has more matches left in him despite his heartbreaking loss to Austin Thoery at WrestleMania 39.

US Champion Theory stole a win over Cena, 45, to retain his title at the SoFi Stadium in Hollywood, much to the live crowd’s displeasure.

Cena hinted he is not retiring after WrestleMania 39
Cena suffered a heartbreaking loss to US Champion Austin Theory
Cena waved to the crowd while the cameras were off and hinted he will be back

This comes after the popular professional wrestler made an emotional entrance to the ring surrounded by children from the Make a Wish foundation.

The referee went down after bumping with the titleholder, who was hoisted over the challenger’s shoulders as he was looking for Attitude Adjustment.

The 16-time world champion the locked the STF on Theory, who tapped out but there was no referee to call for the bell.


Cena thought he won and that was when his opponent hit him with a Low Blow.

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Theory then delivered a thunderous A-Town Down to pick up the biggest win of his career.

Cena was left alone in the ring as the US Champion went backstage to celebrate.

The ex-WWE Champion got back up to his feet and waved to the crowd, who gave him a loud ovation.

That shows The Champ is not planning to retire as he wouldn’t leave forever without a big speech or a clear message saying he is done with wrestling.


However, The Face that Runs the Place won’t be back for a while as he is a part-time wrestler due to his busy Hollywood schedule as he is picking some major acting gigs.

The American grappler’s likeliest return date is SummerSlam on August 5 at Ford Field in Detroit Michigan.


Due to his new film career, the heavyweight can only appear in WWE’s biggest pay-per-view shows.

Theory is now expected to get a major push after his stunning victory over Cena.

Source: The Sun

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